Wrx vs Trans Am GTA

2006 Subaru Wrx vs Pontiac Trans Am GTA

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Supercharged Civic Si
A 2000 Honda Civic Si supercharged does some flybys and launches. Its a 2000 not a 1999

Procharged D1SC LS1 Trans am vs 2004 WRX STi
Just a little race a friend of mine put together. the Trans am makes 571rwhp / 467 rwtq. Not sure on the STi. form the owner its a "Built" STi. whatever that means....Stock turbo, with aftermarket internals in the turbo and the motor? so...ya... enjoy.

1992 Pontiac Trans Am GTA 355 D1SC Procharger
Fresh build, custom Exhaust, Intercooler setup and more.

Honda civic Si vs Subaru WRX
a '06 Honda Civic Si with a race header, intake, and Exhaust races a '06 Subaru WRX with an intake, HKS ssqv, and its lowered. The camera car is a '92 Dodge Stealth RT Twin turbo with K&N intake and HKS ssqv