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Join The Education Channel Today Are you a stylist who is looking to expand your career in the Hair industry? Do you want to learn all the latest techniques (Some seen/Some never seen)? Do you want to increase your knowledge about different styles and services like sew in’s, quick weaves, bobs, and curling techniques? Well here is your chance ! The New Education Channel is perfect for upcoming stylists & students .

Meryl Davis and Charlie White | Partners in Education
Ice Dancing Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White share the personal impact mentorship has had on their personal and professional development.

No-Nonsense Nurturer Classroom
In classrooms in traditionally underserved communities, building strong relationships with students is fundamental to establishing a classroom culture where students are motivated to stay on task and achieve to a high level. • For many students in economically disadvantaged communities, having strong relationships with their teachers is a precondition for them to care about school (Valenzuela 1999; Brown 2007). • A large percentage of students report a sense of alienation from school, believing no one cares for them there (Jenson 2009). • More than ever, the old axiom "students don't care what you know, until they know you care" sums up the reality of reaching many of today's students. This course is based upon noted educator Lee Canter's study of the following critical question: What distinguishes teachers who can build the strong relationships needed to motivate their students to choose to get and stay on task and achieve academic success, from less effective teachers who struggle to help students achieve to the best of their abilities? Through his research he determined that the most descriptive term for highly effective teachers is "No-Nonsense Nurturers."

Fun Songs With UMIGO - Holiday (TEMPERATURE)
Each UMIGO video is part of a FREE LEARNING BUNDLE. These educational bundles are perfect for helping kids with specific math and science skills! Go to for your FREE bundles. Lyrics: Chorus 1: I love vacation summer HOLIDAYS When it's time for fun, we're all off school We built a pool last summer HOLIDAY The air was warm - the water was cool Verse 1: It's not the same with winter cold But frozen water can be nice I see ducks with scarves And sweatered squirrels, skating on my pool! It's ice! We learned in school water's freezing point 32 frosty degrees. [That's Zero degrees Celsius!] If you use a trusty thermometer You'll find the temperature with ease. Chorus 2: We loves vacation winter HOLIDAYS Snowballs, snowmen - and hockey gold We'll build an ice fort on this HOLIDAY It's so chilly to me - temperature's so cold Verse 2: Now I just couldn't get out of bed My forehead was red hot! Fever made me dream Some crazy things - Some true, but most are not! Our normal body temperature 98.6 degrees! That's Fahrenheit, but in Celsius, 37 degrees, it should be. Last Chorus You know a sick day's not a HOLIDAY But Mom gave me juice and TLC. On this vacation winter HOLIDAY Best temperature's a normal one on me!