Sickest VTEC Sound Ever (Integra Type-R modded) 10000U/min

Sorry I dont know his modification specs. But just listen to this sound...

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Honda VTEC Compilation. A few VTEC kick's

Honda Integra Type R 220HP vs Civic D16Z6T 250HP revenge
Integra Type R 220HP/199Nm weight 1030 Civic D16Z6 turbo 0,65bar 250HP/267Nm weight 950 Sometime - Camera - Panasonic Lumix FT1

What a VTec Sound !!
Honda Civic Type-R R3 Rally Car Szombathely Rally 2008

Integra Type R 11,000rpm
Integra Type R revving to 11,000rpm. Chipped obd1 p28, tuned using Crome. Using Crome or Hondata you would know you can set up the Shift Light to use and double as the CEL.. another 11k engine built by spoon,