1989 Mustang LX 5.0 Dyno Run

1989 Mustang LX 302 5.0, Put down 253hp 288ftlbs. Needs injectors, it ran very lean. Air/Fuel ratio was ridiculous. Expecting to put down 270hp 300ftlbs. Cobra R intake (not for long), b303 cam, GT40 "turbo Swirl" heads, BBK long tubes, offroad H pipe, spintech mufflers, 355 gears. Stock injectors, throttle body and mass air!! A couple more mods, message or comment with ques.

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Steve Walker's 93 Mustang LX - 300HP/314 TQ
Original block, GT-40 iron heads, GT-40 intake, stock Cobra X3M computer, stock 70mm CObra MAF, MAC full length headers and Exhaust.

1989 Mustang LX Dyno Test
A lot of people watching this video are going to ask, "Why would you put GT40 heads on a 408!?" It's only temporary. More power is just not a priority right now. There are other issues to sort out first with the suspension and brakes. I already had these heads on my 302 combo and had to reuse them to get the car on the street again. One has to love that the the torque curve remains above 370 from 3500 to 5200 RPM! This is a fairly low quality video. I may redo it later in HQ.

Mostly stock 5.0 Dyno
5.0 Mustang with a few bolt-ons. Full Exhaust, electric fan, k&n panel filter.

Edelbrock Intake/ E303 Cam Mustang 5.0 Dyno
Ford Mustang gt 1989 5.0 302 Mod : Stock E7 heads (unported) Intake Performer 5.0l Cam E303 Injector 24lbs Electric Fans` 9.0:1 Compression Ratio 73mm C&L Mass Air Meter (MAF) Throttle Body 65mm Underdrive Crank Pulley K&N conical 9inch filter Hooker Maximum Flow Muffler 14 degree timing Equal Lenght Headers X-pipe Aluminium driveshaft 3.27 gear KYB front and rear + quad ajustable gaz shocks Ford racing Lowering Spring Kits MSD blaster coil Ford racing spark plug wire MSD 6AL Ignition box Clutch Zoom Stage 3 255lph fuel pump