1989 Mustang LX 5.0 Dyno Run

1989 Mustang LX 302 5.0, Put down 253hp 288ftlbs. Needs injectors, it ran very lean. Air/Fuel ratio was ridiculous. Expecting to put down 270hp 300ftlbs. Cobra R intake (not for long), b303 cam, GT40 "turbo Swirl" heads, BBK long tubes, offroad H pipe, spintech mufflers, 355 gears. Stock injectors, throttle body and mass air!! A couple more mods, message or comment with ques.

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Steve Walker's 93 Mustang LX - 300HP/314 TQ
Original block, GT-40 iron heads, GT-40 intake, stock Cobra X3M computer, stock 70mm CObra MAF, MAC full length headers and Exhaust.

1989 Mustang LX Dyno Test
A lot of people watching this video are going to ask, "Why would you put GT40 heads on a 408!?" It's only temporary. More power is just not a priority right now. There are other issues to sort out first with the suspension and brakes. I already had these heads on my 302 combo and had to reuse them to get the car on the street again. One has to love that the the torque curve remains above 370 from 3500 to 5200 RPM! This is a fairly low quality video. I may redo it later in HQ.

Head/cam 5.0 mustang Dyno tuning
Finally getting my car tuned! Click here for the Dyno graph. http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f21/MPsoldier187/Dyno%20graph/Dyno.jpg 321hp and 337trq to the tires on the lean tune, that was deemed unsafe. made 314hp and 329trq to the tires on the "safe" tune. This was about the 10th pull during the tuning to get these numbers, so the car was VERY hot, also 92degrees out. So with the car cool, and it cooler outside, the car would hit at least 320-330hp. Modifications: Trickflow Twisted Wedge heads, Trickflow stage 2 cam, typhoon intake manifold, upper and lower, (intake is port matched to the heads, and cleaned up) bbk 70mm throttle body NO EGR, or emissions Pro-M 75mm MAF, Stack Racing cold air intake, Mark VIII electric fan, and DCC controler underdrive pulleys, bbk shortie headers, bbk offroad h pipe, mac catback, Complete Emissions system delete, Complete A/C system delete, MSD ignition coil, & Anderson Pluge wires promotion powertrain Cobra T5 transmission aluminum driveshaft, 4.10 gears

B303 cam dyno
Testing various midpipes at JKS performance in Mansfield Texas. This was an UPR off road X pipe. 306 hp and 333 tq. A little better low rpm torque than the H. the H passed it up at 4K and held a slight advantage throughout the remainder of the pull to 6K. the X fell off at 5500 and the H remained very steady. With this midpipe the EGR and Smog pump were removed but no gain what so ever was noticed in power. Build sheet is very basic gt40 irons cleaned up a bit with stock valves Bcam with 1.7's ported cobra lower cobra upper 70 mm tb FMS shortie headers FMS 30# injectors and FMS 70mm MAF