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lax drift practice
drift practice in la crosse WI.

lax street drags, sweet GTP and Trans Am
GTP and Trans Am at the june 11th 2010 lax street drags.

chevy blazer in the mud
93 chevy blazer w/ 355 v8, Exhaust cut-out after headers with 265/75/16 kelly safari tsr's in the mud in 2WD.

96 jeep cheeroke, 99 mustang, 93 chevy blazer drag racing!
10/16/10 lax street drags, 96 4.0 jeep w/ C/A/I, Exhaust w/headers, LSD/ 99 3.8 Mustang C/A/I, Exhaust, and one hell of miss/ 93 chevy blazer w/ a cammed 355, ...