rutgers burnout

78 Trans -Am burnout

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badass 1978 trans am
This is me breakin' in my new motor on my 78 Trans Am.

Let em Burn! 1978 Trans Am Muscle
A compilation of burnouts in my '78 Trans Am. Balls to the wall, now taking applications Subscribe to my channel and check back for more burnout shenanigans in the future.

1978 Trans Am 360 doughnut burnout in super tight space !!!
Only a trained stunt man should try something this crazy! Notice there is a tow truck in front, a Tahoe behind, and a telephone pole across the street. Plus, only a WS6 Trans Am with a 400 pontiac and tight rear end can pull a controlled 360 burnout in such a tight space with total control of the car at all times!

Pontiac Firebird burnout
A real smokie burnout