Are you afraid of the SAAB?

This video is really old, we've got the girl racin! Here's footage from Road America From We've worked out all the major problems with our $400 SAAB, installed a set of EBC race brakes, put on the race Exhaust and the next step will be all the safety equipment. We will be going to Alston Race Cars in Antioch to get the snow leopard (our internal codename for the carbeque) measured for the roll cage. They do amazing work. In the meantime we will begin to devise our cooker box that'll turn the 900 into a real Carbeque. Until then, enjoy! Music provided by Uncle Zesty's Old Time Bootknockers.

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A Saab Story - Saab 900 Turbo Road Test | Classic Cars Reborn | Robin's Car Talk 羅賓車談
來自瑞典的金典, Saab 900 turbo A Swedish classic, Saab 900 turbo Music credits: "It's Real" - Real Estate “Let's Go Surfing" - The Drums

How to wreck a Saab
How to wreck a Saab

Saab 9000 278km/h
18.6.2011 halli 278km/h/1609m Saab 9000 2,3

SAAB 900 The best car ever made! Najlepszy samochód świata jaki wyprodukowano!