351w coupe, idling with mufflers.

351w RHS 215's, unported. Unported intake. Lunati .541 .565 lift, 239 247 duration, 106 LSA cam. BBK longtubes, Hurricane intake. Keith black flattops. After 1.7 rockers the valve lift is .574 intake, 600 exaust.

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bad ass 351w mustang rev and idle
my friends bad ass 70 Mustang wuth a build 351w idleing and reved

Elgin cam 488/510 lift 234/244 @50 106 lsa
1989 Chevy shortwide flat top pistons, 461 double hump heads, performer rpm intake.

Ford Gran Torino 351C Very Healthy Cam Burnout right after new tires installed
1972 Gran Torino, 351 Cleveland, ported 4V heads, wild cam with 0.578: lift, 2.5" Exhaust, magnaflow mufflers, 411 Gears, 6 Speed Tremec, crazy driver Listen on good stereo to fully appreciate the sound from several blocks away!.

Kalens ranger pt2 ASS BACKWARDS
1983 Ranger 302 roller motor with 351w heads milled and mildly ported 60cc. Old style torker mildly ported 1.7 rockers 540 lift lunati cam, the pistons are flat tops and in the hole ass backwards. C4 4200 stall 8.8 rearend with ladder bar suspension.