Cold start 1999 Ram Van 3.9 v6 "it's like Christmas!"

This van hasn't been started in 3 or 4 months. hey its 4 sale too, let me know and we'll make a win-win sale! It's got the v6 engine so it both sucks on gas and has no power! Imagine a 318 missing the two rear pistons- yay, what a yucky idea!

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John comes over to show off his Craftsman rider snowblower! (R.I.P. John 1962-2015)
its getting dark and my friend John rides over in his craftsman lawn tractor, perhaps we'll do another more in depth video of this machine- there is a story behind it.

Whats under the valve cover? hint: it's not a pot of gold. 1986 toyota fun
I'm making busywork avoiding looking for the real leak of all the coolant, having fun snapping bolts though, January is the best for major engine work- right!

How To Change a Thermostat - Thermostat Dodge 5.2L
This video explains how to replace the thermostat on a 1998 Dodge Durango with a 5.2 L V-8. This video can also be used as an example for other Dodge vehicles that have the 5.2L V-8 or the 5.9L V-8. Remember to give the video a like if it was helpful! Barbour's Automotive Training is not responsible for any damage or personal injury incurred in the process of performing any auto repairs done by you the viewer. It is the viewers responsibility to verify all information and procedures as outlined in YOUR REPAIR MANUAL AND OWNERS MANUAL FOR YOUR VEHICLE. Owning and using a repair manual suited for your vehicle is essential for correctly and safely performing ANY repair to your vehicle. Always wear safety glasses and head all instructions for use applicable to any piece of equipment you may use. You can do it. Do it right and do it safely.

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