stillen supercharged 370z

stillern supercharged 370z 9psi pulley, random tech hfc,ark cat-back Exhaust everything else stock

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Nissan 370Z mit Stillen Kompressor
Eine weitergehende Leistungssteigerung für den Nissan 370Z mittels Kompressorkit von Stillen USA. Durch das Kompressorkit wird eine Leistung von 462PS bei 458Nm generiert. Der Ladedruck liegt dabei bei 0.6bar. Die Motorinnerein blieben original, lediglich Sportkats und Auspuffanlage wurden geändert. Einbau sowie Abstimmung erfolgten in unserem Hause in Rheinberg. Musik: Start To Grow (cdk Mix) by cdk featuring Jeris CC Attribution (3.0)

Stillen Supercharged 2009 Nissan 370Z 6 Speed Test Drive!
Check it out in more detail :D 2014 Nismo 370Z Tour - 2014 NIsmo 370Z Test Drive - Click the gear on the bottom right to watch in HD! Follow me on these sites - Facebook - Wheelwell - Twitter - Instagram - Periscope - @testdrive426

Girls reaction to big turbo Nissan 370z CRAZY 140mph pull! - Michael Berenis is up to it again! Watch and see the beautiful Anie Perez take a ride in the 600+ horsepower turbo Nissan 370z tuned by Mtuned Tuning! Featuring the world's best 370z turbo kit, watch as this beast from the east lays rubber and takes away the breath of our beautiful passenger. Follow up with a bonus photo shoot and POV test drive; it doesn't get any better than this! My personal favorite tuner, Michael Adkins from Mtuned did an amazing job with this Z. Check out his website and add him on facebook! This is the same guy who has tuned my Evo and I highly recommend him. Follow up with Anie Perez Instagram @anie_perez & @anie_perez_ #makeupbyanie #anieperez Twitter: @makeupbyanie Bonus photo-shoot session with Eric Larokk! #ericlarokk #ericlarokkphoto Music by Treyar Hurt Subscribe now! #Boostaholics *************************************************************** BUY BoostAHOLICS DECALS HERE!!!! *************************************************************** Are you a #Boostaholics enthusiast? If you love turbocharged cars and just can't get enough bewst, I want to be your friend :) Let's connect! Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:

Supercharged 370z ride along
GTM Supercharger on 2010 370z