4 Rotor Mazda RX-8 Time Attack Car Revving Engine At Seven Stock 2009

This is 5 glorious minutes of a naturally apserated (individual throttle bodies) 4 Rotor RX-8 time attack car revving its god like engine for a massive crowd at the 2009 Seven Stock event in Irvine California. Turn up your speakers! http://www.motorworldhype.com http://www.sevenstock.org

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BMI Racing Mazda RX-8 4 Rotor Drifts For First Time
Footage of the famous BMI Racing 4-Rotor 2009 Mazda RX-8 drifting for the first time with Drift Alliance Ace Brian Wilkerson behind the wheel.

E3 2015: Fanatec Club Sport Xbox One Hands On
Fanatec has worked with Xbox to make their Club Sport V2 wheel base compatible with the Xbox One console! All it takes is the Xbox One universal hub from Fanatec. Snap it on to the Clusport base and you have an awesome Xbox One wheel! I had a chance to try it out and E3 on a massvie moving simulator rig. Here is my hands on impression!

BMI Racing's 4 Rotor RX-8 at Formula D Irwindale
First Sevenstock now Formula D Irwindale. The BMI Racing 4 Rotor RX-8 is back and this time it caused a ruckus during half-time at Formula D Irwindale. Check out the looks on peoples faces and count all the fingers firmly inserted into ears!

E3 2015: Need For Speed Gameplay Impression
You didn't think we were going to go to E3 and NOT play the new Need For Speed did you?? We totally got our hands all over that sucker! So what was the experience like? What is the new Need For Speed really about? Here are our first impressions. Game footage provided by EA Games Music by BenSounds.com