Mom rides in 700HP civic!!

Took my mom for a quick spin, had no idea she would react like that!! My poor mom!! Build thread for car.

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Mom Rides In 500hp Civic
Took my mom for a ride in my hatch, she got mad at me haha

V8 dad rides in 2jz powered sc300
Those that have been following me know every time I finish a build I take my dad for a ride. He's old school so he swears by V8 engines πŸ˜…he has a sting ray vette in the back yard etc... I gave him a ride in my Z and he liked it. I gave him a ride in my 486hp s13 and he loved it... now he's riding in my 633hp sc300 and here is his reaction...

7 peoples reactions to a 1000hp Supra
Incase you think it doesnt make the power or the "driver doesnt know how to shift" Some reactions are better than others but they are legitimate and not set up reactions to a 1000hp Supra messing around. Not all runs were at 1000hp but it was still more than enough. Subscribe for more reaction videos and other fast Supra videos.

Mom DRIVES the 900hp 3Dx Evo!!!
From - As featured on the TODAY SHOW - You won't believe how mom handles driving a 900hp car and how fast she takes it! Watch the whole videos, the best part is towards the end hahahah! Videos all filmed in Northern Mexico Check out 1320Video DVD's! 3Dx Evo is for sale!