Mom rides in 700HP civic!!

Took my mom for a quick spin, had no idea she would react like that!! My poor mom!! Build thread for car.

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K20 turbo mr2 battles twin turbo lambo 40 roll
k20 turbo mr2 6766 precision, air to water setup, Boost by gear street car vs twin turbo lambo. All footage is computer generated and are not actual events

Turbo K20 Mr2 VS 2015 ZX-10R
This is a re-upload of a previous race. Just playing with the editing program a little more.

Turbo K20 MR2 walk around
Just a small video of my turbo k20 Mr2. Built 11:1 k20 Albins transmission Twin scroll 6766 turbo Custom Air to water Intercooler system Competition twin disc DSS 5.9 level axles with spool

K20 turbo mr2 vs twin turbo lambo 60 roll
K20 turbo MR2 vs Heffner twin turbo Lamborghini. Races filmed in mexico