Monaro VXR

A good friend brought his VXR over for a bit of a blast. 444 ft/lbs of torque and 450 horses is sure to give a brilliant thrill given the housing of a six litre V8!! Enjoy!

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Vauxhall Monaro VXR 0-153mph
A short clip of my car accelerating from 0-153mph at Thunder Road 2012 held at RAF Wittering. The video misses the start as the passenger was not allowed to record in the car, so we had to conceal it at the start line!

Rob's Monaro VXR at a local meet :)
Spits a small flame at 01:13 :D

Monaro CV8, my ladies 1st drive of a v8.
Had the car 2 days, she decides it's time to have a go........ She returned 15mins later smiling. She wants her own V8 now.

Monaro VXR LS2