Ferrari 360 Modena vs. Bmw E60 M5 Drag!!

Ferrari 360 Modena vs. Bmw E60 M5 Drag!!

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Williams F1 vs BMW M5 #TBT - Fifth Gear
It's #ThrowbackThursday, Tiff is in the hot seat of the Williams Formula 1 car at the Rockingham Motor Speedway going against Vicki in the BMW M5 Want to request a classic video for #ThrowbackThursday? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page: For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel:

Carpro CQuartz UK ceramic coating and full detail E60 M5
This is a 10 hour detail including full decontamination, dual action 1 stage polish and CQUK coating. We are not professional detailers just two guys who decided to spend a day reviving a car and thought we may as well film the process. Stages 1- Strip wash foam 2- wheel clean 3- two bucket strip wash 4- decontaminate Iron from paint 5- tar remover on lower part of paint 6- clay bar 7- rewash 8- dry 9- tape trim 10- one stage polish 11- IPA wipe down car 12- CQuartz UK applied (one coat) and buffed off 13- carpro reload sealant applied 14- Buff and finish. Products used Chemical Guys citrus wash Meguiars APC Adams Wash pad Adams Wash buckets with grit guards Carpro Iron X Autofinesse ObliTARate Bilt Hamber clay bar DodoJuice clay lube Adams New Car Shampoo Das 6 Pro DA Polisher Chemical Guys Green Hexlogic pad Menzerna PF2400 polish IPA 25% solution panel wipe Carpro CQUK ceramic coating Carpro reload sealant music credit: