2.0 Saab Ng900 at 8000+rpm

GenuineSaab.com Drag car tuning up to 8K with 1000cc Over 500Whp. Not finished...

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Saab ng900 uppstart
Saab 900 2,3liter start-up for the first time.

Saab 900ng 2.0 extreme
Nordictuning 400+whp 100-200 8.5sec

Saab 9-5 PT6262@2,35bar-E85 815hp 900nm
Saab 9-5 PT6262@2,35bar-E85, carweight 1580kg 815hp 900nm www.nordictuning.com

Got traction? Saab Ng900 Hx35 #14 @2bar Dyno
Tried to Dyno my car...mostly wheelspin. =P