Pismo roll over in duramax

Duramax rollover well trying to bowl in 2wd...

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Two Dumbasses Pulling A Nissan 720 With A Cummins At Pismo Beach
To answer some questions: 720 has a blown transfer case and a blown right front tire. The tire on both trucks were down to 10 psi and u kinda have yo get moving in order to pull someone through sand, ecspecialy up hill in sand. The nissan was just about dead weight. We were stuck in a bowl so the only way out was up hill. As for the planet, no polar bears were hurt during the making of this video. That cummins is better for the enviroment then your pritty little Prius. Do some research befor you speek. And yes, to answer the question about the cameraman.

Unimog at Pismo, Christmas 2015....stuck Chevy
Noticed once viewed that the driver was in 2 Wheel Drive and didn't help with the right pedal......

Silver Lake Crashes
Crashes at Silver Lake Memorial weekend.This is a shortened version of the "Pilots of Silver Lake." This video utilizes SLO MO extensively. Beware if you are offended by SLO MOTION videos. The Pilots of Silver Lake is at real time and would be a better choice.

Pismo Beach / Oceano Dunes - Daytime Creek Crossing - Feb 2011
Video of Presidents Day weekend of people crossing the creek. I put together earlier a video based on pictures, this one contains the video footage I shot that weekend. Not happy with it, but my computer keeps crashing as I try to add or edit anymore than I have...time for a new computer!