Saturn Ion 2.4 - 120MPH - racing

Hitting 120 MPH

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Want to race a Saturn?
My good friend was out one night having a hard time looking for a race in his 2006 Saturn Ion Red Line. Someone in a turbo Eclipse finally decided to race against him. And yes, the guy in the turbo Eclipse was giving it all he had, even with a head start. This video was produced by SLEEPYDUB for AuDUBahn Motorsports Gruppe. Created by Jacob Edwards.

Saturn ion 2.4 dyno run
07 Saturn Ion. 2.4L with CAI, OBX header and catless dp, magnaflow muffler, tuned by innovative tuning. pushing 170 whp 165 wtq

Grave digger Dennis Anderson Tampa 2017 injured
Dennis Anderson Grave Digger Backflip Tampa 2017 injury

Saturn Ions drag racing
These two piece of crap Ions were at the track racing. Both were supercharged. The blue one got slower and slower as the night went on but he was burning the clutch out of it.