Taiwan Sunny A series + FCR Carb

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Felling a big pine tree & milling slabs with a Chainsaw Mill
I needed some timber slabs to make a work bench so decided to make a quick video showing the entire process. Filmed on my property in Nelson New Zealand. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACCIDENTS OR INCIDENTS ARISING FROM INDIVIDUALS UNDERTAKING ANY OF THE TASKS DESCRIBED IN THIS VIDEO. IF UNSURE OF YOUR ABILITIES YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONTACT A QUALIFIED PERSON

Datsun1200ute Sunny Truck CBR1100xx Carburetor
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Datsun 240Z FCR41 carbs small revving
L29 240Z with FCR41 carbs, second start and rev. Took a guess a jet sizes and it seems to run pretty well. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,7451.0.html