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SMART Repair by Paint Central
What is SMART repair? We can repair and paint small areas such as scuffs, scratches, minor dents and chips without having to repair the whole panel. The only limits to smart repair come when the damage occurs on bonnets or roofs as these panels are inherently too large for the operator to perform an adequate blend of the new paint onto the old. (Small to Medium, Area, Repair, Technology) SMART repair technology is such that it allows a skilled operator to localise the repair on a panel, so as to reduce the time and cost of the repair, and so passing this saving on to our customers. Generally most repairs occur on bumpers, as these are the mostly prone areas of the vehicle, but the occasional repair is undertaken on doors, wings and rear ¼s if possible. On average a SMART repair will cost in the region of a third to half of what a bodyshop may charge for the same repair, to a high quality commercial standard. Repair times can be as little as 1- 2 hours per repair. Every SMARTrepair undertaken by Paint Central is guaranteed for 2 years as per VBRA recommendations. As a member of the VBRA, our customers can enjoy the piece of mind that they are fully protected in their rights by OFT and by the VBRA code of practice, which can be viewed on their website

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Carcoon un ecrin pour votre passion importe en France le concept de housses gonflables Carcoon . Cette technologie permet de maitenir tous les véhicules installé à l'intérieur dans l'état ou on les installe .