Learning To Parallel Park! :)

hahaha just a short little vlog, ENJOY

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How to Parallel Park (The Secret You have to Know!)
In this video Vehicle Virgins teaches you how to parallel park! http://www.vehicle-virgins.com We at Vehicle-Virgins™ are a dedicated group of college students here to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life: buying your first car. What sets us apart from other consumer review organizations is our perspective of review; we approach the cars as any kid would, not only as a professional automotive journalist would. We take into account real-world decision factors such as budget, reliability, safety, and maintenance, but we also rate cars on their appeal to a younger market. At 19 and 20 years old, we have spent lots of time looking for our first cars, and we know what appeals to us as well as our friends. ​ Our mission is to guide individuals in the right direction for their first car. Vehicle-Virgins reviews popular cars that young buyers are in the market for and helps them decide if the car they are looking at is a good choice. We are lighthearted individuals who are passionate about cars and hope you find our reviews both informative and funny. Cheers. Visit us at: facebook.com/vehiclevirgins twitter.com/vehiclevirgins

How To: Easy Parallel Parking
Para cualquier información: Mi sitio web: www.conduitefacile.com Gmail: conduitefacilevideos@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Conduite-Facile-Espa%C3%B1ol-585281111673553/ A tutorial on how to parallel park easily and safely. Please note that, depending on the laws of your country/state/province/etc. you may or may not have the right to take off your seat belt while backing up. Always respect the laws and rules that apply to where you are driving. Lining up the other's car plate in the middle of your window works very well for most "normal sized" cars (Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, etc.) The only thing that changes for larger (longer) or smaller cars, is where in your car's window you see the other car's plate. For a normal sized car, you see the plate in the middle of your window. For a longer car, you have to see the plate more to the right of your window (you back up a bit less), for a smaller car, more to the left (you back up a bit more). PLEASE NOTE: This video was done in Quebec, so it works for Quebec exams (that's if you're watching it to prepare for you exam of course). Some things may differ in your country/province/state as far as exam requirements go. Here, at the exam, you have to look behind instead of in the mirrors and you can remove your seat belt before backing up. The size of vehicles vary a lot, so you might have to make some adjustments depending on the size of your vehicle and the vehicle you're parking next to. Always do your verifications to make sure you're not getting too close to the other vehicles, people that might be passing by or any other obstacles before each maneuver.

Driving Test #3: Parallel Parking
Learn more at http://dol.wa.gov. How many moves should it take for a driver to Parallel Park? How far should the tires be away from the curb? This video answers those questions and demonstrates how to Parallel Park. This video shows the driver parking behind a lone vehicle. While this approach is used in the Washington state driving test, it is not the only way the test is performed. Rather than parking behind a lone vehicle, the driver might be asked to park between two stanchions. This video was produced by the Washington State Department of Licensing. Discover more DOL videos at the DOL's YouTube channel, http://youtube.com/walicensing

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parallel parking in 3 easy steps