D-dot's New Flyer D40LF bus #3905 on Route 78 Imperial

UPDATE: After 54 years of service, Route 78 Imperial Express (Limited) is now discontinued, eliminated and history due to increased low passenger ridership and drastic service cuts. Sorry about that folks; my first Windows Media movie with the D-dot's transportation wasn't to good so I had to take it off my video gallery so forgive me on that because this is my first time that I'm trying something new anyway. Well, anyhoo, here is D-dot's 2004's New Flyer D40LF bus#3905 operating on Route#78 Imperial/Grand River(Limited/Express). Engine: Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Transmission: Allison B400R 5 or 6 speed auto Due to budget problems that happened in 2005, Route 78 has been slated down to rush-hour traffic hours only(which means Route 78 no longer runs all day from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.).

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MTA New York City Bus 2015 New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" 7203 On The B39 @ Delancey & Essex Sts
Seen here is New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" 7203 operating on the B39 to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza making its way through Delancey Street. This is the first day this bus hit service and what a way to start! Cummins ISL9 Allison WB-400R Gen V

New Flyer Madness 10 - Oakville
The 10th series entry documents the Oakville Transit bus system. Most of the overall fleet consist of D40LFR's, Xcelsiors, and 4 D40LF's, one of which is an ex-London Transit unit. A couple of their Orion VII units do appear. June 12, 2015 ©2015 97SCT Transit Media

MTA New York City Bus & MTA Bus Company : New Flyer Artic 5364....Then & Now!
For individual videos, check out my main account down below and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/Caitsith810 ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------- ------ A pretty serious before and after video, as this particular fleet number has been recycled and reused. First video seen here is 2000 New Flyer D60HF 5364 operating on the 2 shuttle to The Bronx. This bus has a Detroit Diesel Series 50 DDEC & Allison B-400R WTEC powertrain setup. The second video is MTA Bus Company's historic new addition to the fleet, as this is not a hand-me-down! What you'll see is 2015 New Flyer XD60 "Xcelsior" Artic 5364 on the Q10 Limited operating to JFK Airport. This bus has a Cummins ISL9 engine with a ZF Ecolife 6AP1700B transmission. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, subscribe & stay tuned for more!

New Flyer D40LF #4135 taking off
Here is the video of D-dot's 2005 New Flyer D40LF bus#4135 driving off after I got off the bus. Oh, and please ignore the dirty backside as you watch this vid.