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D-dot's New Flyer D40LF bus #3905 on Route 78 Imperial

UPDATE: After 54 years of service, Route 78 Imperial Express (Limited) is now discontinued, eliminated and history due to increased low passenger ridership and drastic service cuts. Sorry about that folks; my first Windows Media movie with the D-dot's transportation wasn't to good so I had to take it off my video gallery so forgive me on that because this is my first time that I'm trying something new anyway. Well, anyhoo, here is D-dot's 2004's New Flyer D40LF bus#3905 operating on Route#78 Imperial/Grand River(Limited/Express). Engine: Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Transmission: Allison B400R 5 or 6 speed auto Due to budget problems that happened in 2005, Route 78 has been slated down to rush-hour traffic hours only(which means Route 78 no longer runs all day from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.).


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Passing by: Port Authority New Flyer D60LFR's in action
This is a compilation video of clips of Port Authority's 2011 New Flyer D60LFR's, from the outside. Listen to the ISL/Voith combo power these buses all over Pittsburgh's East End.

Malta Buses End Of An Era DVD 2 Excerpts.
Excerpts from the 2nd DVD in the 2 DVD set 'Malta Buses: End Of An Era' which commemorates the changes to Malta bus services in July 2011. DVD set is available from www.bhtransportdvds.co.uk, price £17.00. Wide screen, UK PAL format, also available on Ebay.

TTC New Flyer D40LF #7323
Ride aboard 1998 TTC New Flyer D40LF, unit 7323, as it goes southbound to Kipling Station via Route 111 East Mall.

June 26, 2008, marked thirty continuous years of the RTS (Rapid Transit Series) Advanced Design Bus operating along the streets of Detroit, MI. In early 1978, the Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT) surveyed its riders to gather their opinions regarding the quality of the city's bus service. Unfortunately, the survey results were not good. However, DDOT management took advantage of an opportunity to release the results of the survey to coincide with the launching of its new fleet of GMC "RTS-II" coaches. During a press conference held at the west-side Coolidge Terminal, on Friday, June 23, 1978, DDOT unveiled its new bus fleet to the media. The department had anticipated that the new RTS fleet would drastically improve the quality of DDOT bus service. This video compiles newsclips from three local newscasts (WJBK-TV2, WWJ-TV4 (now WDIV) and WXYZ-TV7) that covered the media event back in 1978. GM's first newly designed transit bus since 1959 began service in Detroit on Monday, June 26, 1978. The DDOT #1300-series RTS's (#1300-1369) featured in this video were the first Model TH-8203 (second series - "Series 03") RTS-II coaches to be manufactured by GMC Truck & Coach. (video posted for educational purposes only) For more Detroit transit videos visit: http://www.detroittransithistory.info/Video/VideoClips.html

Mississauga Transit 2008 New Flyer D60LFR #0855
A ride aboard Mississauga Transit 2008 New Flyer D60LFR #0855 on Route 26 E Burnhamthorpe, traveling eastbound. Powertrain: Cummins ISM / Allison B500R By: Ryan Flores Date Taken: 2008/02/16

MTS_2013 New Flyer XN60 #1120 - Inuagural Day Rapid Route 235, My First Ride On 235
2013 New Flyer XN60 Cummins ISL-G ZF Ecolife First day of Rapid 235, June 8,2014. The transmission on this bus made a lot of noise, growly grinding sound. These buses are very nice and the service is quick. I really hope people take this as an alternative transportation to downtown. The comfort, convienence, and saving fuel makes this a very viable option to driving. MTS went all out on this one, hopefully people will see the benefits.

D-dot NovaBus RTS 82VN #3857
Here is D-dot's 2002 NovaBus RTS operating on Route 16 Dexter. Oh, and, sorry, but this bus is going STRAIGHT TO SOUTHFIELD AND W. OUTER DRIVE, NOT NORTHLAND! Engine: Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Transmission: ZF-ECOMAT-2HP-592C

SBX First Day Run - 2012 New Flyer XN60 #6003, April 28, 2014
April 28, 2014 First Day Run. Omnitrans new SBX service makes its first day run and I capture #6003 early in the morning. 2012 New Flyer XN60 Cummins ISL-G

D-dot 2004 New Flyer D40LF bus #3978
Watch this video in high-quality mode! Listen to the sound audio of the New Flyer D40LF bus #3978 that has the Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR engine and the Allison B400R WTEC automatic transmission.

MTS_2001 New Flyer C40LF #1817 - Route 210
2001 New Flyer C40LF Cummins C Gas Plus Allison B400R

*Ex-SMART* D-dot 1995 NovaBus RTS T8O-206 #3214 (RETIRED)
Take a ride on the NovaBus RTS T80-206 #3214 owned and operated by D-dot(Detroit Department of Transportation) as this bus is operating on Route 22 Greenfield to Northland Mall. This bus was formely owned by SMART before it was sold to D-dot around 1997 due to Suburban SMART Transit's finacial problems. Powertrain: Detroit Diesel Series 50 + Allison V-731 UPDATE: This coach and the rest of the coaches #3200-3232 have been retired between the summer and autumn of 2008.

Flint MTA 1996 New Flyer D40LF #1170
***UPDATE: 7/24/11*** It is confirmed that this D40LF bus of Flint is from 1996! UPDATE: This video was recorded on Dec 31st, 2007. Here is a ride on Flint MTA New Flyer D40LF bus that is begining its route 10 Richfield to Courtland Mall after it departs from the MTA service center. This bus is powered with the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine with the Allison B400R WTEC 5 speed automatic transmission.

Ride on Culver City Bus New Flyer XN40 7117 (Xcelsior) [1080p]
The second batch of Xcelsiors with CNG drive train ever built and put into service. Cummins Westport ISL-G with Allison B400R

LTC 2004 New Flyer D40LF #450
Your chance to ride a London Transit D40LF, #450, which is the LTC's very first D40LF. It was recorded on the "10 Wonderland" route on Southdale Road between Notre Dame Drive and Nixon Ave.. Powertrain on these buses is Cummins ISL with Allison B400R Transmission.

D-dot 2010 New Flyer D40LF #1049 ride
From 10/18/13. Route 16 Dexter (outbound) to Providence Hospital via Northland Mall Powertrain: Cummins ISL9 + Allison B400R

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