D-dot's New Flyer D40LF bus #3905 on Route 78 Imperial (RETIRED)

UPDATE: This bus was retired following the collision with a motorcycle on 5/11/14. This bus was repaired and then sold to Suburban SMART as #6001. UPDATE: After 54 years of service, Route 78 Imperial Express (Limited) is now discontinued, eliminated and history due to increased low passenger ridership and drastic service cuts. Sorry about that folks; my first Windows Media movie with the D-dot's transportation wasn't to good so I had to take it off my video gallery so forgive me on that because this is my first time that I'm trying something new anyway. Well, anyhoo, here is D-dot's 2004's New Flyer D40LF bus#3905 operating on Route#78 Imperial/Grand River(Limited/Express). Engine: Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR Transmission: Allison B400R 5 or 6 speed auto Due to budget problems that happened in 2005, Route 78 has been slated down to rush-hour traffic hours only(which means Route 78 no longer runs all day from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.).

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D-dot 2004 New Flyer D40LF bus #3978 (RETIRED)
NOTE: This bus was sold to Suburban SMART in November 2013, but did not enter service as #6028 until around March 2016. Watch this video in high-quality mode! Listen to the sound audio of the New Flyer D40LF bus #3978 that has the Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR engine and the Allison B400R WTEC automatic transmission.

D-dot 2010 New Flyer D40LF #1049 ride
From 10/18/13. Route 16 Dexter (northbound) to Providence Hospital via Northland Mall Powertrain: Cummins ISL9 + Allison B400R

*Ex-D.S.R* D-dot and *Ex-SEMTA* SMART bus photo slideshow
NOTE: This video is currently out of date. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of these photos that you see on my slideshow so therefore, every bus model photos you see belongs to their respective owners. I am only using them as a tribute slideshow video! Credit also goes to the respective owners. This is just a slideshow video of the buses of D-dot(D.S.R.) and SMART(SEMTA) that are retired and are no longer running in service. If anybody knows what the other two buses are, then please tell me A.S.A.P..

A ride on D-dot 2010 New Flyer D40LF bus #1018
Okay, you transitfans, I would like to introduce to you the D-dot's 2010 New Flyer D40LF bus #1018 operating on Route 78 Imperial Limited! Now, unlike the previous D40LFs #3900- #3959 & 3975-3989 (2003-2004) series and the #4100-4220 (2005) series, these buses do not have the Sutrak A/C unit mounted on top of these #1001 series buses. Instead, they are equipped with the Carrier Transicold RM55 rear-mounted HVAC units. One noticable change is that the tailight is much different and smaller than the standard round ones, but does not have the route number displayed behind the bus. This bus also comes equipped with the new Fire Suppression System to protect passengers, vehicle and engine compartment against a fire. New features include the American Seating "Insight" Style passenger seating and a factory-installed Byk-Rak bicycle rack--similar to the ones from Suburban SMART buses. This bus is powered with the Cummins ISL-07 (280-HP) engine with the Allison World B400R automatic transmission. These buses have started to be delivered to D-dot since March of 2010 and is currently awaiting more deliveries of the New Flyer D40LF buses. Deliveries are expected to be complete sometime before summer, during summer, or Autumn. These D40LF models including the D60LFs & DE60LFs are the last buses to be manufactured before the D40LFR, D60LFR & DE60LFR models have discontinued and replaced the D40LFs, D60LFs, DE40LFs, and DE60LFs. UPDATE: The delivery for these new buses are now complete as of May of 2010. Engine: Cummins ISL-07 (280-HP) Transmission: Allison World B400R automatic