95 Maxima custom dual exhaust

My custom dual Exhaust with quad tips

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Maxima Flowmaster Exhaust Rev/FlyBy
cut cat and resonator sounds beast revs at 20 secs

Nissan Maxima Dual Muffler
Nissan Maxima Dual Muffler

1995 Maxima Exhaust
A couple revs. VQ30DE JWT Popcharger with Velocity Stack Frankencar Midpipe OBX 3-2-1 Long Runner Headers Custom 2.5" Ypipe Custom 2.5" Testpipe Custom 2.5" Catback Magnaflow 14" Resonator Magnaflow Muffler

1997 nissan maxima custom exhaust better than a borla or flow master under $20
how to make a cheap muffler for under $20! see it to believe it! watch this video to find out how! 9hourscutoms back at it! Hope you guys enjoyed this video, please share comment, like, and subscribe ! Also follow me on my instagram and Facebook :)) Links below: Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rchobbiespro/ Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010997588961 Recreation, modification, usage, re-uploading of this videos existence is strictly not allowed, all rights reserved by RCHOBBIESPRO™ © 2016 Fun Films Productions. All Videos are for entertainment and should be classified under those purposes. We are not sponsored or affiliated with other companies.