Mercedes Benz C55 AMG starting track day.

Track days are also often held in the guise of racing schools where the emphasis is on nurturing the finer skills of machine control and race craft, often under the tutelage of experienced former racers. Whatever the interpretation, primarily track days are all about having fun, whether motorbike or car, the emphasis is on enjoyment in a controlled and suitable environment. As the performance of vehicles (especially in relation to motorcycles) increases, the track day can prove an invaluable means of improving the skills necessary to properly control these machines at or nearing their full potential in relative safety. It is a common feedback from track day enthusiasts that it helps them define the massive distinction between road and track riding/driving styles and as a result, through improved skill levels and attitudes, can have a positive effect on their road safety.

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AMG C55 Track Summit Point FATT
3rd session of my first track day learning to drive at speed and with other cars. First lap is a warm up lap then you push it. The goal is not to race each other but to get a feel of the car, the track and to learn the safety rules so no one destroys cars. No passing is allowed except for in designated areas and you let off of the gas to let faster drivers go past you. If you listen to the instructor he has some good tips. Its was a blast! Over 120+ on the straight on some laps, other times just took it easy 100-110.

C55 AMG at Mosport track
6th Gear May 2008 event

Mercedes-Benz S203 C55 AMG T V8 Sound Kaltstart (Canon EOS550D)

E55 AMG vs C63 AMG
PBIR private rental