ASOLT RX3 on the Dyno at Castle Hill Performance Centre being tuned by Bill Nabhan from Mazsport. The car sounded very strong and made some decent horsepower for a very basic setup. Should see this car run into the 9's very easily. For more videos, go to ROTORG33K.COM.

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Rotorbishi Dyno Session 20/10/08 before freaky friday
Getting the car ready for 24/10/08Freaky Friday meet we put it on the Dyno to up the Boost a bit and check the tune, when we ran into a small problem of an air/fuel leak in the throttle bodies but still managed to make 740 rwhp.

13b pp rotary at 2010 jamboree
13b pp they had for sale at 4 and rota jamboree 2010 $10000 sound fuking sik. skids, burnouts, drifts, drifting, rx2,rx3, 12a, 13b, 10a, sik, rb, 323, 626, dx, jamboree,

my ride
from brezno to benus

Winter Street Drag Wars Meet 5