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Chad Hord rises from the mud in the TORC Off-Road Series at the Crandon International Raceway. Join the conversation at

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Nissan Project Titan Short Film
Follow the journey of two war veteran's who drive over 1200 miles through Alaska on a mission of veteran brotherhood. The story follows David Guzman and Kevin McMahon who use a crowdsourced Nissan truck to travel from one stunning location to the next, meeting photographer Cory Richards, chef Evan Funke and other veterans in a series emotionally charged missions. Brought to you by Nissan in association with the Wounded Warrior Project®. Learn more about Project Titan: Learn more about Nissan Titan: Like Us:

2013 NISSAN Murano - NISSAN Intelligent Key® & Locking Functions
With the NISSAN Intelligent Key® in your pocket or purse, you can lock or unlock the doors and the liftgate, as well as start the engine. To unlock the vehicle, push this Request Switch on the door handle. That door will unlock. Push the switch again within one minute to unlock all doors and the liftgate. To lock your vehicle, push any door handle's Request Switch once, after all doors have been closed. The liftgate unlocks when you unlock all doors, or when you push the liftgate Request Switch. To open the power liftgate, if so equipped, push the POWER LIFTGATE OPENER switch just above the license plate. The liftgate will unlock and automatically open. These lock and unlock functions are operational when the Intelligent Key is within about two and a half feet of the corresponding request switch. You may also press this button on your Intelligent Key for more than one second, to open the liftgate remotely. Press the button again to close the liftgate. The remote operation will not work when the ignition is in the ON position. The Intelligent Key is also equipped with a remote system for operating door locks and windows. It is possible to lock and unlock all doors and open windows using your Intelligent Key from outside the vehicle, at a distance of up to 33 feet. To lock the vehicle, press the LOCK button. Your hazard warning lights will flash twice, your horn will beep once and you'll know that your vehicle is locked. To unlock the doors, press the UNLOCK button. The hazard warning lights will flash and the driver's door will unlock. Press again within one minute to unlock all doors and the liftgate. If so equipped, holding the UNLOCK button for more than three seconds after the doors are unlocked, will lower the automatic windows. When the UNLOCK button on the Intelligent Key is pressed, all doors will automatically relock within one minute unless any door or the liftgate is opened, or you push the ignition switch. If you are near your vehicle and feel threatened, press this PANIC ALARM button for more than one second. The panic alarm will sound and the headlights will flash for 25 seconds. To turn OFF the panic alarm, press any button on the Intelligent Key. Please Note: If using the PANIC ALARM button to turn OFF the alarm, the button must be pressed for more than one second. When you have to leave a key with a parking valet, you can remove the Mechanical Key, which is concealed inside your Intelligent Key and keep it with you to protect your belongings. To remove the Mechanical Key, release the LOCK knob on the back of your Intelligent Key and pull the key out. Next, use your Mechanical Key to lock the glove box. Then give the Intelligent Key to the valet and keep the Mechanical Key with you. Your belongings in the glove box will now be secure while you are away from the vehicle. You may also use your Mechanical key to lock or unlock the driver's door or all doors from outside the vehicle. To lock all doors, turn the key toward the front of the vehicle. Turn the key toward the rear of the vehicle one time to unlock that door. To unlock all doors, turn the key to the neutral position, then turn toward the rear again within five seconds. If so equipped, turning the driver's door key towards the rear of the vehicle for more than one second, after the door has been unlocked, will lower the automatic windows. To close the windows, turn the driver's door key toward the front of the vehicle for longer than one second after the door has been locked. Release the key to stop the windows at any point during opening and closing. You can lock and unlock all doors by pushing one of the POWER DOOR LOCK switches, located on the driver's and front passenger's doors. When locking doors this way, be certain not to leave the key inside the vehicle. You can also lock and unlock a door using the INSIDE LOCK KNOB, found on the inside of each door. Please Note: If you attempt to lock your vehicle with a POWER DOOR LOCK switch while the Intelligent Key is in the port and any door is open, all doors will lock, then automatically unlock. In the event your Intelligent Key battery is low, there is a backup method to start the engine. A low battery will cause a guide light on the Intelligent Key port to blink. In this situation, inserting the Intelligent Key into the port will allow you to start the engine. Be sure the front side faces up and the key ring end faces towards you. Then follow the normal start procedures. To remove the Intelligent Key from the port you must first push the ignition switch to the OFF position. Your Intelligent Key can also be used to adjust the hazard indicator and horn beep features. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for complete information on adjusting these features.

2013 NISSAN Murano - Windshield Wiper and Washer Controls
This lever is used to control all windshield wiper and washer functions. Depending on your model, the lever will be equipped with either the Rain-Sensing Automatic Wiper System or an INTERMITTENT setting. If your vehicle is equipped with the Rain- Sensing Automatic Wiper System, that feature will be reviewed at the end of this chapter. To operate your windshield wipers and washers, your ignition must be ON. For INTERMITTENT wiper control, push the lever down to the first stop. The time delay of the wiper sweep is adjusted by turning this ring. The narrow markings indicate a short delay. The delay gets longer as you turn the ring toward the wider markings. The wipers will operate on continuous low-speed by pushing the lever down to LO -- the second stop. Push down again to HI, the third stop, for continuous high-speed operation. In conditions of mist or light rain, push the lever up to MIST and you will get a one-sweep operation of the wipers. To clean the windshield, pull the lever toward you. Washer fluid will spray and the wipers will automatically sweep several times and stop. To operate your rear windshield wiper, if so equipped, at a preset intermittent speed, turn the knob on the end of the lever to INTERMITTENT. For continuous low-speed operation, turn this knob to ON. To turn the rear windshield wiper OFF, turn the knob to this position. To clean the rear window, push this lever forward. Washer fluid will spray and the wiper will automatically sweep several times and stop. If your vehicle is equipped with rain-sensing windshield wipers, they will automatically turn ON when it starts to rain. This feature also adjusts the wiper speed depending on vehicle speed and rainfall. To set the rain-sensing wipers, push the lever down to the AUTO position. The wiper will sweep once while the ignition is ON. You can adjust the sensitivity of this feature by turning this ring. For high sensitivity, turn the ring forward, for low, turn toward the rear. To turn this feature OFF, push the lever to LO, HI or OFF.

2013 NISSAN Murano - Headlights and Exterior Lights
To turn ON your front parking lights, tail lights, license plate light and instrument panel lights, turn the headlight switch to THIS position. To turn ON the front headlights, turn the switch to THIS position. All the other lights will stay ON. To turn ON your high beam headlights, push this lever forward. You'll see a blue indicator light illuminate. Pull it back toward you to select low beam. The blue light will turn off. To make your high beam headlights flash ON and OFF, pull the lever toward you and release it. To signal turns, move it upward for a right turn, down for a left turn. When you've completed the turn, the signal cancels automatically. To signal a lane change, push this lever lightly up or down, not as far as for a complete turn. Fog lights create a wide beam pattern, focused lower than the headlights. This minimizes reflected light and helps you see better in foggy conditions. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, here's how to activate them. Your headlights must be ON and low beam selected. Then rotate the switch to THIS position and your fog lights will come ON. Turn the switch to OFF to return to low beam and deactivate the fog lights. If you turn the high beam headlights ON, the fog lights will automatically turn OFF. If your vehicle is equipped with the Autolight system, you can preset the headlights to automatically operate based on exterior lighting conditions. To activate this system, simply turn the headlight switch to the AUTO position, then turn ON the ignition. To turn the system OFF, turn the headlight switch to any other setting. The Autolight system will also keep the headlights ON for a period of time after you turn the ignition OFF and close all doors. There is a light sensor that controls the Autolight system on the top of the instrument panel. Keep that area clear of papers and other material.