Balto running an open downpipe

Running with an open 2.5" Catted ZZP Downpipe, along with a ZZP mid-length header. 2.2L L61, M62 with 2.9" Intense Pulley, Modified Stock SS/SC Intake, ZZP Mid-length header, ZZP 2.5 Catted Stainless Downpipe, SS/TC Catback

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Cobalt 2.4 - zzp exhaust manifold downpipe - jet ecu module
Cobalt SS 2.4 manual... 1st run with AEM intake, zzp mid-length Exhaust manifold and catted downpipe combo. 2nd run added jet performance ecu module. And before anyone says anything I know cobalts suck a$$, True it is an economy car, A 4 cylinder indeed--good job on pointing that out, and go buy a v8 Camaro cuz there super fast!!! and yes that does mean it has twice as many cylinders as my car... lol

Cobalt SS/SC 291whp @ West Bend Dyno
Mods: ZZP Midlength Header w/ catless downpipe, modded stock intake, 80# injectors, 2.9 pulley on stock M62 Supercharger, stock cat back with cut out, OTTP Heat Exchanger, E85, and a spot on tune by ebristol. Car made 291.9 whp and 248.3 wtq even though it missfired at 6800rpms.

Straight piping a 2009 Cobalt SS/TC
All fab work by our friend Joey. Dylan got a ZZP Catless downpipe and Joey fabbed a straight pipe the whole way back with the stock tip on and it sounds awesome! Next is the charge pipe and tune and the car should be sitting around 330whp.

Cobalt SS ZZP Mid Length Header and Catted DP
2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged with Injen Intake, Mid-Length Header and 400 cell catted downpipe. Here is a short clip