Balto running an open downpipe

Running with an open 2.5" Catted ZZP Downpipe, along with a ZZP mid-length header. 2.2L L61, M62 with 2.9" Intense Pulley, Modified Stock SS/SC Intake, ZZP Mid-length header, ZZP 2.5 Catted Stainless Downpipe, SS/TC Catback

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Cobalt SS/SC ZZP Full Exhaust
Mods: -ZZP Mid-Length Header -ZZP 2.5" Catted Downpipe -ZZP 2.5" Catback Just a little video with my new GoPro.

Twin Turbo Corvette Dyno Run
Twin turbo Z06 C6 Corvette. Made around 625 whp at 7psi of Boost. turbos couldn't even be heard.

Ion Redline Stage 2 Rolling Burnout in 1st.
42# Injectors Short Ram Intake. ZZP Midlength header Factory catback. CEL is for EVAP solenoid and fan relay. :)

Regular Car Reviews: 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt XFE
The Chevy Cobalt XFE was one last hurray of cheap reliability before EVERY car manufacturer decided call EVERY model "High-End." The XFE sacrifices everything at the workbench of fuel economy. When they're done...they go in the pond. WHen I'm done with them, they do in the pond. HERE IS where they gone when I'M DONE. OH good, it's where I left it. HERE'S WheRE they GO when AHM DONE.