Audi 200 Quattro launching with launch control/anti-lag

Quick clip I threw together of my 1991 Audi 200 testing the launch control/anti-lag feature and some other footage for fun. Mods: Stock block/head with 300k+ miles Garrett/034 K26/GT3076r 7A camshafts VEMS EMS from EFI Express . com Siemens Deka 870cc injectors @ 3bar base pressure ClutchNet red pressure plate with 6 puck disk Stock transmission Stock Intercooler Tune to 23psi on E85 fuel. 3" turbo back Exhaust 034 engine and transmission mounts BBS RK 17X8 ET35 wheels General Exclaim UHP 225-45-17 Suspension IS NOT STOCK OR WORN! Custom coil-over suspension was assembled by me for this car and I am testing and tuning. The setup for this video clip includes: Eibach 550LB rear 2.5" X 6" springs Eibach 450LB front 2.5" X 6" springs Hyperco take up springs front and rear Sitting on stock valved Bilstein sport struts front and rear All new bushing and control arms The struts need to be valved a bit stiffer to help with the squattro action however weight transfer isn't a bad thing. Filmed with a Canon EOS 5DMKii and a Canon EOS 7D using a 35L and 85L lenses. Please subscribe and check out my other videos!

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