Montecarlo 81


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bagged 81 monte carlo
pics from my pc to show what i have done so far until i get to film the car in action.Sorry for the shakyness not sure how to edit my vids,hopefully i will figure it out later.Lost alot of before,during and after pics on my other pc due to it crashing on me from some virus.will try to find someone to see if they can be recovered.

1986 lowrider cutlass
1986 cutty, 3 pump cce with 6 batts holds 8.. Im looking to trade my 86 cutlass.. Car has all stress points reinforced. Front frame rails, pockets, ears, uppers are extended and reinforced, rear humps, rear end. Has a bridge. 8s in front 14s in rear. Has 3 cce pumps 8 batterys. It is double pumped to front right now. New ball joints and new tie rods. New 13's with og brand new dayton tires. Car was just painted in may. 2010 Camro planet green with HOK lime gold Kandy on top, the top of the car is pure white with green pearl. Car also has new flowmasters.interior has lime green carpet with matching sets with inside guts white.. Has 85,000 miles on it. trades must have dros n good

A video of my chevy! Its been hybernating! just waiting for spring or summer to pull out and hurt the scene! Also check DTown Showoffz on youtube to see how we ride in the DFW DVD COMMING REAL SOON!!!!!!!!

Training Day Scene - 1979 Monte Carlo Lowrider
Training Day Movie Clip