SRT-4 s256 vs Mustang 5.0 60trim

Upgraded from a 50trim to an S256..makes a little more power..race was from a 40 roll i was on street tires he had a pair of rematch from a 60 roll coming soon.

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SRT-4 Borg Warner S256 dyno pull on 93 pump gas
Here's a pull from my tune session with Nigel in April. Stock motor and head, all supporting mods. Car made 336 HP 360 TQ @ 23.5 psi and 19* timing at 6100 RPMs. After this pull we took timing to 21* and Boost down to 22.5 and she made 342 HP 360 TQ. Pulls were made on a Mustang Dyno. 2 weeks later I Dyno'd on a DynoJet at HIS Motorsports running Nigel's 110 tune and made 380 HP 380 TQ, 22.5 psi. Motor has 103k miles. Built motor coming soon.

Cobalt SS VS SRT-4
2007 Cobalt SS turbo Swap vs Srt4 S256 turbo

SRT-4 S256 Hood Mounted GoPro Hero 3 Fun Run
Just a test pass mounting my new GoPro3 Black Edition on my hood behind the left heat extractor. Listen to that S256 spool! The blow off valve is a TiAL 50mm

My E85 S256 Srt4 2.0
My Set up: S256, 20psi, E85, Single Walbro, No return line, Stock block and head. 1100 F.I.C injectors, SCT Tuned : Kevin @ AGP New videos soon! Built block 500+ E85 =) :Me Random Fly By. :Me vs My buddies Srt4 57trim 16psi :Me vs 600 Wheel Procharged Meth kit Mustang 5.0 :Me vs 550 Wheel E85 Procharged V6 Mustang * I do not own the rights to this song.