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E85 turbo chevy colorado at 12psi truck was having major traction issues.

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corvette vs f250 no nitrous
F250 vs modded c6 Well the new rear shocks and traction bars were good for .2 at the track, Our Nitrous line popped from a bad spot So we could only run motor tonight. But we ran our fastest motor pass at 7.35, that would put us in the high 6.9's on a 100 shot. Also the tune need a little more fuel as you can see in the video on the big end, Not bad for stock worn out junk 6.4 !!!!

Turbocharged chevy colorado 1-25-15 ljms stg2
Finished the final build for this truck. 5.3 with ljms stg2 cam. 76/77 turbo, microsquirt ecm, 80 lb injectors, 18gph meth nozzle, 4l80 with a billet converter.

Forced Induction - Supercharger vs. Turbo Charger
This video was made to describe in moderate detail the differences between Superchargers and turbo Chargers, as well as describing the components, advantages, and disadvantages to each. Complementing the speaking track is a slideshow of related pictures and videos. I hope this video helps some of you curious up and coming mechanics to better understand methods of forced induction. Please comment maturely, and enjoy!

TX2K13 silverado vs gtr
Big Stick Motorsports 5.3 76mm e85 23lbs vs GTR