PLEASE READ. I would like to thank these guys for having had excellent summer with them and to thank them for everything. Munch997,Richnwilliams,V12599,Shmee150,SupercarsofLondon and ExoticsofLondon. This video is mostly sounds but also a couple of driving by scenes and crazy supercars scenes.I know there are some shaky moments and i apologize for that.

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SUPERCARS SOUNDS OF 2012 ! ( Aventadors, 458 Italia,Veyrons,Agera ..)
PLEASE VISIT AND LIKE : My compilation of the best sounds I've recorded this year. There is a lot of variety going from Veyrons, aventadors,458s ,agera, huayra etc..

Supercar Sounds of 2014! ( Koenigsegg Agera,Veyron,P1,Laferrari)
My favourite video of the year is the supercar sounds video, as you will see this year was dominated by Lamborghini aventadors, Mercedes C63s and Ferrari 458s!

Supercar fails and crashes compilation 2016 | by MarsFail
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Supercar Crash Compilation | HD | 2015
Supercar Crash Compilation by The Race to Succes Note: This video is for educational purposes only. It's made to show the potential harms of reckless driving.