Bridgeport 20b RX7 and Streetport 12a RX2 pt.1

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1973 RX3 on PCH 3
This is my boy Savants RX3....clowning on fools!

DSTRBU Mazda RX3, 13b pp

Custom 1973 Mazda RX2 Turbo 20B Rotary (HD 1080p) Swirve Productions BigIrv305
Cartel Customs 10400 SW 187 Street Miami, FL 33157 Want to promote your Vehicle on the WEB, lets make it happen!!!!!

RX2 '71 Coupe
My RX2 coupe I brought as a roller up in Queensland, it runs a 13b bridegeport , 55mmm EFI throttlebody, ltx10 microtech, 4.4 lsd, vr gm discs and calipers with series 2 on the rear. Nissan patrol mastercylinder, series 5 5speed, brass button clutch, 219BHP at rear wheels.