Sleek 1996 Lincoln Town Car "Cypress Edition" (HD)

Sleek 1996 Lincoln Town Car "Cypress Edition" (HD)

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7-12-2013 1995 lincoln towncar wont start ignition fix and battery drain fix
if u have a 95 lincoln towncar and it just cranks and wont start the issue could be a couple of things #1 fuses need replacement in engine compartment.#2 bad battery.#3 crank engine sensor may be loose and might need my vid as it may solve ur issue.also ive discovered a fix for the constant battery drain issue that kills ur battery like every day or so --so much that u need to recharge the battery every day.after a post from a viewer ive restated what the wire harness is-it is the a/c compressor harness.-------8-12-2014 after further testing and fixing ive discovered that if after you pull and replace the harness to the "pulley" and you still get no start try removing or unplugging the harness connector from the pulley and try again to start--after a few tries it should start-----if so turn off your car / replace connector to pulley and try to start again.after a few tries it should start with the connector connected....the reason for the turning car off and reconnecting is so you dont get the connecter damaged in the belts since its hangin loose.added on -----9-7-2014---the first time this happened i was at work i disconnected the battery neg cable and took off the cable connector from the battery wire---i reconnected the cable connector to the battery neg wire and reattached it to the battery after a good cleanin--this did nothing and had to have it towed----im adding this just so you know i tried the whole battery sprays that foam up new terminals chargin battery and voltage testing it..these did nothing but waste time-- 1-6-2016--heres a added note tonight it was 34-36 degrees out..before work battery was nearly dead..(a common occurrence on cold days) charger it up enough to start start go to work had charger on for 4+ hrs..battery fully charged at 0534...unplugged 0550 came back to care tried to start and not enough to kick it over...hooked up underpowerd 350 amp go..hooked up trickle charger no go (could be i didnt wait long enough) tried starting car at various points in between..finally checked jumper..(350 amp from walmart) battery was low...pulled ac cord rubbed connectors on the cord not the ac compressor with bare dry finger..plugged cord back in ..checked battery status with jumper and had full tried to start car and it conclusion i now believe that the ac cord when not allowing car to start is also at same time causing a battery drain..hope some one can look into that.

92 to 96 lincoln town car ,ford crown vic bad pcm
92 to 96 Lincoln Town Car Ford Crown Vic Grand Marquis bad PCM no spark no fuel coming through the fuel lines but wires and grounds have been checked and all work correctly new fuel pump still no fuel check coil packs still no spark and checked power control module still no spark but Work so which leads me to believe is bad PCM