Sebring 2011 - SCCA Touring 2 Sunday Race

Race Group 6 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, T2) T2 Starters: 1. Brian Kleeman (Blue 350Z - camera car) 2. Richard Baldwin (Silver 350Z) 3. Bill Steinhoff (Orange 350Z) 4. Alan Kossof (White BMW)

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2013 SCCA Eastern Conference Double Majors - Brian Kleeman - DWW Motorsports T3 350z
Brian Kleeman piloting the DWW Motorsports 350z, T3 class, to 2nd place in the first race of the weekend at Road Atlanta - 3/16/13

2014-07-13 TSMP SCCA Group 2, race 2, spins, dive bomb crash Mustang GT American Sedan
2014-07-13 Sunday afternoon, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP), Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), New England Region (NER), group 2, race 2, video from the #28 Boy Scouts of America Racing Mustang (AS). For more information about SCCA, how you can join, see For information about my local region see

2016 NOLA "Majors" | Race 2 | SCCA Spec Miata Selin M. Rollan
GoPro footage from the inside of Selin M. Rollan's SCCA Majors NOLA Motorsports Park victory from February 28th, 2016! Rollan, the current points leader after 6 of the 10 race season, battles Andrew Carbonell, Blake Clements, Alex Bolanos, Chris Halderman, and the rest of the 35+ spec Miatas. Selin's post race interview:

1967 SCCA Can Am at Riverside (highlights)
"Glory Days" rework of the old ABC WWS show. I think I taped it because I was a Chaparral fan as a kid, and by the time ESPN considered it worthy of a GD episode, I was an adult. I was pretty stoked that I could actually *see* how a Chaparral worked back then, now that I know what I know about motor racing. Otherwise, if you know what this series is, I don't have to tell you who all those folks who participated in it are.