SIKstep Blog | How To | Rolling Fenders and Coilover Install | Part 1

A brief how-to on rolling fenders using the Eastwood Fender Roller. Did this on a NB 2nd gen Miata in order to fit his new wheels. Because of the lower offset, his tires would rub on fenders possibly causing damage to both. The heatgun broke on the first fender so everything was done without one. It is not so bad, it just takes a lot more finesse to keep the paint from cracking feel free to subscribe!

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SIKstep Blog | How To | Rolling Fenders and Coilover Install | Part 2
removed the old koni/racing beat set-up for a better fitting set of TEIN Flex coilovers.

EUROTEC PRODUKTS - Traditional dent pulling techniques
EUROTEC PRODUKTS demonstration of the dent repair system featuring the AP95 Airpuller, Pulflex and the Multipuller Dent Puller System.

Power-TEC 92269 Wheel Arch Reforming Tool
The new Power-TEC Wheel Arch Reforming Tool is designed to roll out damage on the wheel arch lip and adjacent panels. It is also used to role back a wheel arch lip to give clearance when wider wheels and tyres are fitted.

Tutorial: Roll your fenders for FREE (with a bat)
fender roll your car for free with just 3 tools. - heat gun - car jack - bat (metal use with a towel or tape) KEY TIP : take your time & take your time. & heat well and evenly (almsot too hot to the touch) Tutorial w/ pictures, i used as reference You want the fenders to be between 175F and 200F. When I roll fenders, we use a heat gun and a IR temp gun to monitor the temps. In the beginning, we tested the heat gun on a old plastic bumper and the paint bubbled at around 275-300F. I've had the paint up to 225F with no bad effects. I prefer to roll fenders as a two man job, one rolling and one running the heater gun/temp gun.