SIKstep Blog | How To | Rolling Fenders and Coilover Install | Part 1

A brief how-to on rolling fenders using the Eastwood Fender Roller. Did this on a NB 2nd gen Miata in order to fit his new wheels. Because of the lower offset, his tires would rub on fenders possibly causing damage to both. The heatgun broke on the first fender so everything was done without one. It is not so bad, it just takes a lot more finesse to keep the paint from cracking feel free to subscribe!

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SIKstep Blog | How To | Rolling Fenders and Coilover Install | Part 2
removed the old koni/racing beat set-up for a better fitting set of TEIN Flex coilovers.

Proper Fender Roll on a 2015 Subaru WRX
Thanks to PIA in Tacoma, WA! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE NASIOC Build Thread: Nameless Exhaust: Resonator in mid-pipe with 5" short mufflers. 3" piping with 4" tips. subaru wrx sti nasioc build modification new 2015 2014 2016 evo el headers UEL WOT catback cat-back Exhaust axle back axle-back EWG straight pipe nameless performance racing throttle launch highway pull 0-60 VLOG review drifting modified DP catted catless down pipe TBE Rokblokz mud flaps tuned ecutek motortrend subie noob brian rpf1 michelin super sport tire 18x9.5 +38 5x114 5x100 enkie perrin install how to tacoma WA Washington seattle cobb accessport v3 v2 tuning ecutek

DIY Fender Flare Tutorial
Instagram: @tylerfialko these were built as temporary fenderflares, though they aren't great you can use the same technique. my fenderflares are made out of pvc plastic sheets that is about 1/8th inch thick, in the end i used a much thinner plastic because i already built mine and thats all i had, it was used purely for demonstration purposes.

EUROTEC PRODUKTS - Traditional dent pulling techniques
EUROTEC PRODUKTS demonstration of the dent repair system featuring the AP95 Airpuller, Pulflex and the Multipuller Dent Puller System.