Rolls Royce vs Maybach

It's a battle of the barges as The Sunday Times' InGear reviewers drive the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Maybach 62. Which limo best cossets a millionaire's backside?

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Mercedes launches ultimate off-roader... with six wheels
Mercedes claims it has launched the ultimate off-roader but is it cheating? The six-wheeled G63 AMG 6x6 is going into production for customers who find that four wheels just aren't enough. The SUV is an elongated version of the company's G-wagen, with an extra axle that is said to give the car so much grip that it is virtually unstoppable off-road. Completely road-legal, and with a luxury leather-lined interior, customers could, in theory, use it to pop to the shops. But at £350,000, they probably have somebody to do that for them. Just 30 of the vehicles will be built each year and Driving has got behind the wheel of one of them. Our test will be published this Sunday but in the meantime, see a video of this monster truck in action.

Mercedes SLS in California
InGear takes Mercedes' gull-wing supercar for a spin on the California highways, shows it off in San Francisco then puts the pedal to the metal at Laguna Seca, with touring car champ Bernd Schneider at the wheel

Kabul Uncovered
The Times launches a week long series of videos charting the untold stories of Kabul and its citizens

InGear recreates Bullitt
As InGear discovers when it tries to recreate a classic car chase, Lt Frank Bullitt wouldn't have to chase bad guys for miles if today's cops were on patrol: they'd have been pulled over the second they took an illegal left.