Import Alliance 2011 Camo 240sx drift Ride along

Another ride along in my houpty... a stock KA24de\welded diff\ and some EMUSA coilovers ha ha!!

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Drifting S13 with stock KA24DE
1st timer... weaksauce

Learning to Drift... Part 1
Writer and test driver Carl Merritt takes his Nissan 300ZX to drifting school as part of a larger all-about-drifting series of articles for Nissan Sport Magazine, published back in 2005. Part 1 of 3. [Update, June 2012] I'm amazed how many people are watching this video, about 500 per day right now, that's awesome! However please remember that this was from 2005, back when drifting was a new crazy thing from Japan, nothing like it is today. That car also went through many more modifications over it's life, including roll cage and turbos and road racing, until I sold it about 2 years ago when I got my 335D. At the time of this video the car, a 1990 2+2 I used for Autocrossing and open track days, still had the original NA motor in it with minor bolt-on mods (intake, Exhaust, chip, underdrive pulley kit), say maybe 240HP at the crank, and standard upgraded suspension pieces (shocks/springs/sway bars). I'm not really answering any comments since this was 7 years ago and I'm pretty much out of the motorsports scene now, but regardless I'm very gratified that you all still enjoy the videos. Keep the shiny side up! -c

Mountain Drifting | 1JZ 240SX
This is Nick's S13 Nissan 240SX fitted with a 1JZ. We took it up to the mountains to film some drift shenanigans. Don't try this at home, all activity performed on a closed course. How this car used to look: Like: Follow: Song:

Stateline Drift | Stock 240sx Killing it! | David & Brandon Tandem Smash | GiftofDrift
To the start of a great year, came a great day! David finished swapping his motor the night before and made it out for an amazing day of cageless tandems at the Idaho Stateline speedway. No need for bumpers, paint, Exhaust piping.. That's all wasted weight when you getting sideways in a bone stock 240sx! Props to both David and Brandon for your great sportsmanship after after swapping some paint! Hope to get my GoPro on a car next meet and put together some more footage! Subscribe for more drift coverage!