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Parts for sale: 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo - QualityAutoPartsRUs

Just in: Parting out 1991 Toyota MR2 turbo, Engine, Transmission, Wiring Harness, Engine Computer, All Accessories, or Complete Dropout for 3SGTE swap, Body Parts, Interior, All Parts are Available. Call Chris for prices at (954) 448-5579


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1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo wire tucked
1993 Toyota MR2 turbo wire tucked ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for sale $13,500 Mods- Body: -Repainted Factory white exterior (exterior is 9.5 out of 10 at least) -ZERO dings/dents -Repainted Factory white engine bay -1994+ Tailights w/ white center panel -1994+ Rear spoiler with shaved antenna hole -Solid side moldings -JDM Clear Corners (real) -17x8 and 17x9 SSR Professors (NO curb rash!) -Goodyear Eagle F1 tires- all 4 BRAND NEW Interior: -Interior is nearly flawless (9.5/10) -Classic Soft Trim Black leather Seats in PERFECT condition -OEM Leather door panels -Pioneer CD/DVD player -Component Speakers -Holy MR2 Shift Knob -EMS Powered Digital Boost Gauge (RED) -Red digital clock Engine: -Gen3 3SGTE Engine swap (~60k miles) -Gen3 LSD Transmission -CRW HD axles with all new CV boots and grease -Custom Clutchmasters Stage IV 6 puck Clutch -Tein FLEX Coilovers -MK2 MR2 Prothane Urethane Bushings - Total Kit -Stainless steel brake lines -KO Racing Gen3 SB50 turbo kit. (turbo itself is BRAND NEW) -Jet Hot coated Gen3 Exhaust manifold -Jet Hot coated turbo Exhaust housing -Jet Hot coated Downpipe -Jet Hot coated turbo adapter plate -TCS Motorsports Fabricated 4" Intake w/ 4" Filter -EMS Powered Manual Boost Controller -EMS Powered IC core -Berk Technology IC Body Shroud -EMS Powered 9" IC Fan shroud -Spal 9" Fan -TCS Motorsports Fabricated 2.5" Aluminum IC Piping -Tial Q BOV -ATS Racing Gen3 Phenolic Spacer -Berk Technology 3" Dual Exhaust -Dedicated Motorsports Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield -Walbro Fuel pump (rewired with larger gauge wiring and aftermarket relay) -NGK 6097 Spark Plugs gapped to 0.031 -Speed Source Brass Shifter Bushings -MSD High Vibration Coil wire -Custom modified Coil wire -Dedicated Motorsports Coolant Neck -TCS Motorsports Fabricated Coolant Overflow tank -Earls Pro-lite 350 -4an hose for Coolant Overflow tank -Earls black -4an fittings for Coolant Overflow tank -TCS Motorsports Modified Gen3 Valve Cover to acomodate two -10AN lines for crankcase venting - EMS Powered Engine Lid Fan Shroud with fans Powdercoated Parts: -Valve Cover in Wrinkle Red -Fuel Tank Feed tube in Wet Black -Fuel Filter Brackets in Wet Black -Intercooler Piping in Wet Black -4" Intake in Wet Black -Entire Crossmember in silver chrome -Intake Manifold -Throttle Body -Throttle Body Inlet -Coolant Neck -Thermostat Housing -Rear Firewall Heatshields -Fuel Rail -Engine Lid fan shroud in silver chrome -Misc. Bolts and Nuts throughout the engine bay - EMS Powered Engine Lid Fan Custom or One-off parts: -Shaved Engine bay (numerous mounting holes welded shut/filled) -Complete wire 'tuck' with fuse box relocated to the trunk -Custom Coolant feed hose (removing the coolant hardline on the firewall) -Relocated ABS sensor connectors to the trunk instead of the engine bay -Relocated Engine Lid Pull Cord to trunk instead of engine bay -Rerouted a/c compressor connector, o2 sensor connector, and IC fan connector from running over top of the valve cover -Relocated Coil to mount underneath intake manifold This car would take well over $20k to duplicate easily, not counting the HUNDREDS of hours have invested in this project. As for rating this car, I would get the exterior a 9.5 out of 10. No car is perfect, but this car is VERY close to it for a car of this age. The paint is amazing to say the least.

Street Racing - Toyota MR2 crash into parked VW jetta
why 17 year olds shouldn't have high-powered cars

Toyota MR2 Mk1b T-Bar Restoration
Restored in memory of a loving mum and a great granny. This car was beautifully restored by MVE Classic Cars in Droxford Hampshire. http://www.mveclassiccars.co.uk/ Toyota MR2 Mk1b T-Bar full restoration.

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo 5spd by Viva Las Vegas Autos
See this spectacular Stock Condition 1991 Toyota MR2 turbo perform and it's for Sale at www.vivalasvegasautos.com

1985 Toyota MR2 Turbo - Engine Swap Walkthrough - 1JZGTE
This is my buddies MR2... This is an amazingly fast little car. Sorry the video cuts out at the end, I dont know why my camera did that but it did it right at the youTube cutoff point so it kinda worked out...

5SFE Turbo BARsMR (91 MR2)
Last drive in my 91 MR2 5SFE turbo before turbo rebuild and other stuff. SFP turbo manifold, Precision 6027 turbo, turbonetics Evolution wastegate 7psi, HKS SSQ Blow off valve, 3" catless Exhaust out dual magnaflow muffler setup, 3SGTE Intercooler & custom piping.

1991 Toyota MR2 V6 Conversion Test Drive Viva Las Vegas Autos
for sale on eBay. seller ID = remarkableautos || www.vivalasvegasautos.com

Driving a MR2 Turbo (part 1)
Me driving my '91 MR2 turbo 5-speed. This is part 1, its kind of boring because I was testing the camera and letting the car warm up. 2nd video has me hitting Boost.

The Deuce an MR2 fan video
ok heres is a more completed version of my previous video" a day with the MR209 boys"...this is simply called THE DEUCE ENJOY! Car info Corey (Junpakku) Black 91 MR2 turbo K/N intake, HKS single exit Exhaust, Border front bodykit, TOM sideskirts, 95 oem rear wing, 94+ oem tail lights, Cusco coilovers suspension, volk 17x8f 17x9r. Charlie (pocketRocketboy) Red 91 MR2 turbo K/N intake, BERK dual 3in Exhaust, Eibach sportline springs, OEM 14in wheels up front(for now) and Supra 16x9 rear. Ryan (RoninMR2Boost) me heheh... Aquamarine 91 MR2 turbo K/N intake, ATS throttle body, MBC @ 15psi, Greddy BCC, Greddy full auto turbotimer, HKS BOV, Blitz DE-cat, Tanabe b-pipe, custom single exit Exhaust, Dift-z 17x7f 17x8r :D

Toyota MR2 Turbo Berk Exhaust
Toyota MR2 turbo with True Dual 3" exhuast from Berk Technology. I was driving around a local field just to test out how the new Exhaust sounds on my car. It's by far the BEST flowing Exhaust / sounding Exhaust for the MR2 turbo.

My Toyota MR2 Videoproject 2007
It was time to take some shots with my mr2 before the autumn/winter comes. As usual some onboard scenes and driving trough some winding roads. This time i used slow music :)

Toyota MR2 Turbo walk around
1992 Toyota MR2 - JDM 3S-GTE Gen2 engine MR2 turbo walk around and engine start up. I was rebuilding this engine and transmission for approx. 8 months with help of my friends, on the 12th June 2011 we installed the rebuilt engine and tranny. The engine and transmission were rebuilt with new original Toyota parts, such as bearings, synchronizers, gaskets, belts, except for CP forged pistons, Cometic MLS head gasket, ARP head studs, Competition Clutch Stage 2 carbon - kevlar clutch kit,... Parts installed: - H&R lowering springs -25mm - TRD rear strut brace - TRD 300km/h speedo (JDM) - TRD radiator cap - CT20b Hybrid turbo - Toyota Supra MKIV Twin turbo fuel pump 195130-1020 - Japspeed 3'' Exhaust - Japspeed 3'' decat downpipe - Competition Clutch Stage 2 carbon - kevlar clutch kit - Blitz SUS induction kit - Gates 10'' Intercooler fan - Cometic MLS head gasket - ARP head studs - CP forged Pistons SC7450 86,50mm 9,0:1 comp. - EBC Red Stuff brake pads - REV 3 rear lights set - REV 5 rear spoiler - Borbet A 17'' wheels - Powerflex Polyurethane bushes - Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost controller - 2 DIN TFT PNA with Igo8 R3 Navi - New leather seats 2 tone combination - Remote controlled locking system - New water radiator Currently running on stock settings and ECU. The car will get a new respray in the upcomming weeks. During this summer the MR2 will get: - Supra MKIV TT injectors - GT4 water Intercooler - new ECU and mapping

MR2 vs Fiero
MotorWeek (February 20th, 1988): Toyota MR2 Supercharged vs Pontiac Fiero Formula. Some Numbers to keep in mind while watching this...... 1988 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 (0-60 = 6.0 seconds) (14.6 Quarter Mile) 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS (0-60 = 6.7 seconds) (15.0 Quarter Mile) 1988 Lotus Esprit turbo (0-60 = 5.8 seconds) (14.4 Quarter Mile)

1991 Toyota MR2 SW21 NA EMSPowered Headers Exhaust
Car: 1991 Toyota MR2 NA SW21 Engine: 5SFE Twin Cam Ebay Intake K&N Cone Filter EMS Headers EMS B-Pipe(no cat) EMS 3" Dual Exit Exhaust Suspension: Stock

Toyota MR2 Widebody TRD 2000GT Dyno - Full Tuning
Step-by-step Dyno tuning of "Cool Rules" turbocharged TRD 2000GT MR2 street, drag, and track race car. Shows most of the mods on the car and tuning procedure.

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1993 Toyota MR2 GTS: 10.050 @ 138.000
Michael Lantigua, Engine: 5s, Turbos: PRESICION

1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 10.910 @ 127.570
Ray Bridenstine, Engine: 2.0 Liter, Turbos: Greddy T78 Tires: et street

1991 Toyota MR2 Coupe: 10.943 @ 129.800
Jeff Fazio, Engine: 3SGTE 2.149, Turbos: GT35R Tires: BFG Drag Radials

1994 Toyota MR2 : 11.030 @ 115.000
Thomas Clark, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: turbonetics ballbearing Tires: NITTO NT555R 335/3519 NITTO NT555ZR 255/4019

1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 11.038 @ 125.950
Jeffrey Burke, Engine: 2.0 liter 3SGTE, Turbos: Garrett GT35-R Tires: Mickey Thompson 10x15x26 Drag slicks

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 11.185 @ 125.620
Kris Osheim, Engine: 2.2L 3sgte Gen 3 stroker, Turbos: Street Brawler GT35R Tires: BFG Drag Radials 235/60-15

1991 Toyota MR2 SW20: 11.280 @ 125.500
Kazu Ikeda, Engine: 3S-GTE Gen.II (JDM), Turbos: CT-26 Hybrid, 60trim Tires: F=175/65/14 R=26/8.5/14 M/TSlicks

1991 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo: 11.700 @ 0.000
Juan B. Pena, Engine: Gen 3 3SGTE, Supercharger: NON Turbos: GT30R Tires: Front 215/45/17 rear 225/45/17

1990 Toyota MR2 SW20: 11.768 @ 122.380
Jason Walker, Engine: 3SGTE, Turbos: TO4e custom wheels Tires: falken azenis RT215 - street tyres

1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 12.250 @ 120.190
Enrique Aguilera, Engine: 3sgte, Turbos: Garret GT3071 Tires: 17

1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 12.463 @ 110.030
Adam Crews, Engine: 1994 Gen3 JDM 3SGTE, Turbos: GT28RS Tires: 255/35/18 Falken GR Beta FK 451

1985 Toyota MR2 MK1: 12.500 @ 122.900
Thags.Govender, Engine: 1600 4AGZE, Turbos: TURBONETICS T3/4BSTGV 60-1

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo: 12.511 @ 99.910
Cliff Taylor, Engine: 2.0, Supercharger: none Turbos: CT-26 Tires: Slicks

1986 Toyota MR2 AW11: 12.584 @ 110.850
Héctor Rodríguez, Engine: 4AGTE, Turbos: T3 .48 a/r stage 3 Turbine / T4 .60 a/r 57 trim Compressor Tires: Nitto NT555R 205/55/14

1991 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo: 12.595 @ 112.050
Edwin Rodriguez, Engine: 2.0, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: SB46 Tires: KHUMO

1991 Toyota MR2 turbo: 12.750 @ 109.220
Al, Engine: 3sgte, Turbos: ct20b Tires: 205/60R14 Dunlop W10 street tires.

1988 Toyota MR2 AW11: 12.785 @ 105.390
David Simpson, Engine: 4AGZE, Supercharger: na Turbos: Garret GT25 Tires: Dunlop Formula R 195/60/14

1995 Toyota MR2 GTS: 12.799 @ 106.380
Clifton Philip, Engine: 2L 3SGTE Gen III, Turbos: CT20B Tires: M&H 24.5 8.5 15 slicks

1989 Toyota MR2 GT: 13.040 @ 105.800
Sebastien, Engine: stock, Turbos: ct-26 Tires: Front 195, Rear 205

1989 Toyota MR2 mk1.5 3sgte: 13.105 @ 106.850
Jean-francois M, Engine: Stock 3Sgte, Supercharger: No Turbos: Stock Ct26 Tires: Yokohama ES100


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