Racing in South Brazil

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AMS 770 hp SRT 4 vs 07' z06 vs 04' z06 w built 408
not my car and didnt make the vid but just a sick 770 hp srt 4, thanks for watching.

Corvette C6 vs SRT-4 BATTLE
C6 Corvette LS2 vs SRT-4 Big turbo

First Ride in Ludas 485whp SRT4
Got Traction? First night out testing out a friends new set up on street tires in 38 degree weather. Some parts of the video become blurry due to camera issues, sorry for the inconvenience.

2009 ZR1 & 2001 500hp Camaro SS playing on the highway
2009 ZR1 vs my 2001 Camaro SS. He ate me for dinner. We were on our way to a cruise night and what r the odds:)) Hail ZR1!!