Racing in South Brazil

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Neon SRT-4 on Nurburgring; Lap #19
This was my 19th lap on the Nurburgring in Germany just last week. It's also my personal record so far...

Srt-4 Vs Civic Attitude
I did this for fun you must know that I love any car. They just need to be well built and I love them. This video is to show what happens when I met Honda guy with a Rice attitude. Any haters comment will be delete

AMS 770 hp SRT 4 vs 07' z06 vs 04' z06 w built 408
not my car and didnt make the vid but just a sick 770 hp srt 4, thanks for watching.

Corvette C6 vs SRT-4 BATTLE
C6 Corvette LS2 vs SRT-4 Big turbo