n/a prelude vs srt4.AVI

n.a prelude vs srt-4 prelude ran a 13.8 @ 103 srt4 ran a 14.5@98

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SRT 4 vs Prelude @ Redding Dragstrip 2013
redding dragstrip, no times available, dragstrip officials claim it was a rat... this is the 3rd time ive heard that... maybe the track is just old and under-maintained cause theres been a "rat problem" for a few years now,,, they should fix it

Supercharged Prelude vs Turbo Pt Cruiser
Built h22 prelude with an eaton m62 blower ~8psi vs a stock pt cruiser turbo at ~15psi

Black Mamba SRT4 VS Mike's Turbo Prelude
This Video is a re-upload from one of our other channels friendly race

Turbo hatch VS NA Prelude
ECDW 1/8 mile track