Interior shot of the vehicle. Although difficult to see, the seat and steering wheel move aside when you open the door, then return to your programmed position when the key is turned. As you can see, this car has been well maintained and cared for.

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Mark VIII stock bottom end supercharged king pass
9-10psi, e85, bolt-ons. 20 year old 4.6 modular with valve covers never removed in a 17 foot Lincoln.

DNX9960 Part 1 Installation in a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
Part 1 of the installation of a DNX9960 This is everything I purchased for the installation and where I purchased them: Kenwood DNX9960 - Nav Stereo - Amazon; Kenwood KTC-HR300 - HD Receiver - Amazon; Kenwood CMOS-300 - Camera - Amazon; Kenwood KCA-IP301V - iPod Video Direct Cable - Amazon; ProClip 516165 - iPhone Holder - proclipusa.com; PanaVise 75124-498 - iPhone Bracket - installer-parts.com; Metra 70-5600 - Wire Adaptor - Amazon; Metra 95-5817 - Panel Adapter - sonicelectronix.com The panel I used to fill the voids came with the DNX9960. It is Kenwood's part number B-07-3172-12 if you want to order one for a different or like installation. It is the trim piece made for a GM vehicle. I had to cut it down to fit but it wasn't too hard. I used the Metra Panel Adapter as shims on both sides to fill the voids and keep the unit from moving from side to side, but... I cut the "fronts" off of it.

Lincoln Mark VIII with Cobra Intake and Duel Exhaust sound

Disappearing Car Door
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