2010 Porsche Panamera on the Production Line


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2010 Porsche Panamera - New Official Video
Unveiled today at Shanghai Auto Show

New Mini Production Video
See where the magic happens from inside the factory where the All New Mini is produced.

2010 Jaguar XJ Teaser
Jaguar offered a first glimpse of the new Jaguar XJ at the Shanghai Auto Show and will be revealed on July 9th in London. The all-new XJ is the first car to feature the next-generation of Jaguar's aerospace-inspired aluminium body architecture and features a panoramic glass roof. All of Jaguar's new ultra-efficient Gen III petrol and diesel engines will be available in the new XJ, including the already acclaimed V6 diesel and 510 bhp supercharged V8. The all-new XJ will go on sale at the end of 2009.

Making of the Porsche Panamera Family Tree Commercial
This "Making of" video takes viewers behind the scenes of a recent Porsche Panamera commercial shoot. The "Family Tree" ad used 50 different Porsche models, with 22 professional drivers on hand to make it happen. In the final version, the cars race around miles of tarmac, all centered around the new Porsche Panamera. By the end of the video, the cars have splintered off to form the shape of a tree, with the Panamera creating "another bold line on the family tree," states the narrator. The shoot for the television ad took three days to complete, with over 160 crew members involved. "Family Tree" was directed by @Radical Media's Jeff Zwart, who specializes in automotive ads. Amongst many other spots, Zwart directed the Hyundai Genesis Coupe commercial featuring Yo-Yo Ma.