Chevrolet Avalanche Exhaust, Straight Pipes- Very loud!

2004 Chevrolet Avalanche 5.3L V8. Straight Pipes, No Muffler. Removed Muffler, Catalytic Converter is still in. I had a Flowmaster 40 series on there before and was too quiet, this is very loud now!

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Installing SLP Dual exhaust tips on 2008 Avalanche
SLP dual tip tailpipe installation on my 2008 Avalanche, I wanted to show how easy and sweet the dual tip assembly from SLP is. It replaces the resonator and tail pipe just past the rear axle. Not really any louder than the stock muffler, but looks way better than the lam factory setup. does sound a little deeper when idling but when cruzing I can't really notice any difference in sound, I am very happy and if you want to get rid of your ugly factory tail pipe I highly recommend installing this kit. V

2003 Chevy Avalanche PlastiDipped
2003 Chevy Avalanche PlastiDipped. The build truck. See the final build pics for 2013 here -chevrolet-avalanche-super-aggressive-3-suspension-lift-6-custom-rims

Chevy Avalanche Exhaust
Glasspacks Y-Piped, 3.5 inch tips. Most of you may have seen my old video with the glasspacks, but that was the first day that i got them. I have now had them on for about 7 months and it sounds a lot better, to me at least. I also got the tips moved to 45 degrees but thats about the only major changes.

Chevy Avalanche mudding deep at the cliffs offroad park
Newer chevy avalanche mudding at the cliffs insane off-road park in Illinois, Rich guy that we convinced to go through this deep mud hole as his old wife gets out for safety haha