1965 Twin Turbo Mustang Fastback ride

Take a quick ride in a 1965 Mid Mount Twin turbo Mustang. No laws were fractured in the making of this video.

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65 mustang twin turbo take a ride under boost
65 Mustang twinturbo 393 small block....2- 60 mm turbos running in the middle of the car....11.1 comp ..750 carb.....my day off going for a ride .......trying out my new go pro....enjoy... ken block rules

65 mustang twin turbo setup
rear mount twin turbo 65 Mustang

1965 Mustang 351 Turbo Startup day
1965 Mustang Coupe 351 Windsor, Victor Jr Heads, Super Victor intake,H-Beam Rods, Flat Top Pistons, 9.5:1 Compression, CSU 750 Carb, T-6 80mm turbo Open Down Pipe A/A Intercooled 48mm Innovative Waste gate, Tial Q BOV. Rod and Custom Coil Over Front End, Calvert Mono Leaf/Caltracs out back 8.8 Rear End. Car built in my garage by me and the FML Racing Team.

VERY FAST turbo Mustang