Trying to turn with a locked diff

This was the first time i had started my 59 hoodride and my first encounter with a locked diff. I soon relised it had to go as it was impossible for the street, i could even turn out of the garages.

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Front Diff Locker vs Rear Diff Locker
Front Diff Locker vs Rear Diff Locker, the title says it all. Find out which Locker I think is the best out of Front vs. Rear. How and when to use Diff Lockers: Find us at the links below: Website: Facebook: 362?ref=hl Google plus: Please Subscribe: For more details, Off Road information & Videos visit

Wie funktioniert eine Differenzialsperre im Auto (Pkw, Kfz).mp4
Hier wird euch sehr anschaulich erklärt, wie eine Differenzialsperre funktioniert und was diese bewirkt.

GM locking differential - how it works
While servicing the differential on a 2004 Silverado pickup truck, I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain how a locking differential works

ARB Differential locker - How Does It Work?
3D modeled and animated with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013. Made at Thomas More Mechelen for a CAD/CAE project 2013.