Trying to turn with a locked diff

This was the first time i had started my 59 hoodride and my first encounter with a locked diff. I soon relised it had to go as it was impossible for the street, i could even turn out of the garages.

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Cars first drive for 25 years!
2 years to build and 25 years undriven, 1959 UK hoodride represent.

TeraFlex Tech: Open vs Locked Differentials A must see for a new Jeep Rubicon owner. A sweet ride with tons of features. On this video Brooke & Dennis break down the differences between open and lock differentials.

diff lockers, how and when to use
This video is all about diff lockers, how and when to use them off-road. We share tips which are not well known but very handy to know. If you are new to diff lockers and would like to know more this video will fill the gaps for you. FRONT LOCKER vs. REAR LOCKER For more info on Lockers how and when to use see this link: Find us at the links below: Website: Facebook: 362?ref=hl Google plus: Please Subscribe: For more details, Off Road information & Videos visit

How Diff Lock Works and When To Use It (UK Terminology, Land Rover)
This video instructs the viewer on how the standard *CENTRE* "diff lock" works in a permanent 4 wheel drive (4x4) vehicle, a Land Rover in this case, and gives an idea for how and when to use it. A Land Rover Discovery was the vehicle featured in the demonstrations, but this video applies to any 4x4 vehicle with a center diff lock. In summary, diff lock (whether it be the centre diff lock fitted as standard or front/rear aftermarket diff lock) is useful in slippery situations such as snow, ice and mud.