Roaring Forties 098 GT40 - Awesome sounding car

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Roaring Forties GT40 Replica - Unique Cars Magazine
Graeme Hitchell talks to Unique Cars about his Roaring Forties GT40 replica purpose-built track car.

The legendary GT-40 is coming back to life. Follow a team of builders as they turn that dream into reality. The team builds an exact replica of the GT-40 and make a test run at the famous Las Vegas Speedway. Aesthetically perfect, dimensionally correct and as reliable as the original. Its a ride thats going to get a little more than attention on this episode of Hot Rod TV.

GT40s at Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb on the Isle of Man, 2002
The longest hillclimb in the UK, with the benefit of the freedom of the Isle of Man, we all love this one!

Jim's Hand Built Ford GT40 - Born This Way Modifiers Ep. 1
The shape, the brutality, the 1960s race car. Meet Jim Cowden and his Ford GT40 replica, the car built by unlimited passion and 15,000 hours. Want to know more? Visit for our latest blog.