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First Tank of STS .28

Enjoy this First tank of Break in of this STS .28 Nitro engine, fitted in the Schumacher Swift. More videos coming soon, inc. Break in videos, Maiden & Bashing. http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12 http://www.jthornley12.co.uk MSN/Email: jt12rchelp@aol.co.uk


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STS .28 Break in Full video - Schumacher Swift
Wait is over, and here goes, the first driving video of this .28 Beast running on STS engine. Here is the Break in video of the Schumacher swift. Due to this being a big engine, I was quite lapse with the break in and did 5 tanks break in in around 3 tanks only. On tank 5 we took it gravel bashing, video can be found here http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12 http://www.jthornley12.co.uk Email/MSN: jt12rchelp@aol.co.uk Cheers

Disastrous Engine fitting experience - STS .28 in Schumacher Swift
Enjoy the video! I know for certain that I didn't enjoy fitting the engine. More videos coming soon to http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12 Website: http://www.jthornley12.co.uk Cheers

HPI Trophy 3.5 First start with ARNE 21 Engine
After the Engine of the HPI Trophy 3.5 got blown up due to a radio glitch, I couldn't wait to get this buggy back out again. Since I was very impressed with the quality of the ARNE 21 engines from Ansmann, I decided to fit one to replace the 3.5 engine from HPI in the Trophy. Here is the first start video, The engine was an easy starter once I had remembered my flat LiPo in the Glow igniter. Check out the bashing/maiden videos with tuning tutorial coming up later. Thanks for Watching this Video by Jthornley12 Action. How to's. Reviews. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jthornley12s-RC-Videos/283126061721667 Website: http://www.jthornley12.webs.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/JT12sRCVideos How to Tutorial Channel: http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12how2s Email: jt12rchelp@aol.co.uk MSN: jt12rchelp@aol.co.uk More Content coming soon, Subscribe now!

Testing 1/8 Nitro Truggy
New RC Vehicles comes out everyday. My job is to test them if they can take the beating. Here is the testing video of 1/8 scale nitro truggy. Enjoy. Comments and feedback welcome at alishanmao@gmail.com or ali@redcatracing.com. Don't forget to check http://www.redcatracing.com, http://www.vimeo.com/alishanmao, http://www.hobby-estore.com, http://www.rctoyhouse.com, and http://www.youtube.com/alishanmao Cheers

Trooper Jumps at the Beach
Please check out the Trooper at the Beach video soon here; http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12 Website: http://www.jthornley12.co.uk Cheers

HPI Trophy 3.5 Full engine breaking in
Previously we did the first tank of breaking in. I waited for a nicer day to complete all 5 tanks because as you know, engine break in is pretty time consuming. Here is the full break in tutorial, coming up next you can find Tuning videos, Maiden bashing and much more at my Channel. Any questions please ask Enjoy & More videos are coming soon, http://www.youtube.com/jthornley12 http://www.jthornley12.webs.com Facebook, Email, MSN: jt12rchelp@aol.co.uk Thanks

RedCat Beginners Guide Engine Breaking in Part I
http://onlyflyingmachines.com http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product-category/multirotors/ http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product-category/pnp_fpv_combos/ Welcome to RedCat Racing beginners Guide for RC Vehicles Video Series. This is Engine breaking in Part 1 where I will show you how to properly start the nitro engine for the first time and break it in. I am taking RedCat Tornado S30 1/10 scale nitro RC Buggy as an example in this 2 part video. Do not forget to watch Part II for rest of engine breaking in process.

Nitro RC Engine Tuning Guide and Diagnostics: By Squirrel
Check out Squirrel's Friendly and Knowledgeable Forum! forums.thetoyz.com Having issues tuning your engine? Is it bogging? Acting lean or rich? Cutting out? Cant tell if it is an idle issue or a LSN (low speed needle) issue? need to know where the high speed is vs the low speed? This video will help by walking you through every aspect of tuning. Want to see more vids? Check out my playlists for easier viewing: Lipo University: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=20C6A63D68DAD1CF How to Tune http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E64042B21077119E RC Setup Guide: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6C891B649D00CCF2 Break In Guide http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FB46144DF4EA109B How to Paint http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=050E7C204BDB8AD1

1/8th exceed rc madfire nitro buggy .28 engine jumps on snow
1/18th excced madfire nitro buggy with .28 engine taking jumps on snow.

How to start a nitro rc car
this is how to start your rc car using a starter box. this walkthrough is simple and easy, if you need more detailed information feel free to message me here on youtube. how to start a nitro rc car is the first of many. stay tuned. subscribe for more videos of bashing and racing as well as more how to's. xray mugen traxxas losi associated traxxas exceed hpi savage revo 3.3 2.5 os v-spec go-tech go tech buggy truggy monster truck racing 2.4 ghz

How to break in a Nitro RC engine Part 7: New School Method
Check out Squirrels forum! http://forums.thetoyz.com This vid is on the new school break in method. The nice part about this method is that heat is good and it is the focus of the break in. Once you achieve a constant 200 degrees F then you finish that tank and move on to the next method. For the first cycle you run for 3 minutes and then check the engine temp. If you are at 200 degrees then move on. If not, lean it to gain more heat or richen it to lessen heat. Cool the engine at bottom dead center BDC and then start the engine back up. Run the engine for another 3 minutes and then see where the temp is. You will repeat this till you are constantly at 200 degrees. When you are then you will do 4 minutes till with half throttle variances. If you are maintaining 200 degrees then move on. If not, then richen or lean as you need to. On the last leg, you will run for 5 minute intervals at full throttle. Maintaining 200 degrees will allow you to graduate to a broken in engine. This video is on how to select fuel and glow plugs prior to break in. Information that this contains his how to troubleshoot and break in the kit based off of the glow plug, how much oil is good in fuel, and what nitro percent is good for the fuel. This is a ten video rc nitro break in series. The series is designed on how to guide the novice to experienced racing pro or basher on how to break in a nitro rc properly. I will teach the traxxas, new school, and my own method which is a combination of the other two. I will show the user how to prime a nitro rc engine, start the engine using a bump start box, ex starter, roto start, pull start and tiger drive devices. Then, after break in, I will go over nitro engine tuning theory and then show the tuning actally done. This engine tuning series is good for the AE associated electronics Gt GT2 MGT mini MGT hpi savage x ss, traxxas revo tmaxx t maxx s ofna hyper st pro 7 8 9 8. buggy truggy jammin crt crt.5 mini hyper losi lst lst2 lst1 muggy 8ight 8ight-t truggy monster truck mt byt fuck chris mt kyosho 777 sp2 worlds mugen mbx lx comp pro and many more! os engines trx picco sts axial .12 .15 .18 3.3 2.5 .20 .21 .23. 25. 27 .28 .30 .32 collari lrp spec 3 DM picco rb .12 .15 2.5 3.3 .18 os axial lrp spec 3 .21 .20 .23 .21 .25 .26 .27 .28 .30 .32 collari trx revo traxxas hpi savage x ss lst lst1 lst2 2 1 aftershock gt gt2 ae associated mgt 8.0 mini mgt mmgt firestorm hellstarter warhead warhammer tower terror xxxnt xxx-nt jato stampede rustler rusty pede tmaxx t maxx s max bandit slash slayer platinum ofna buggy truggy monster truck mt hyper 7 8.5 9 mgt comp MGM lx mbx pro 4-tec crt crt.5 hyper mini mugen kyosho 777 WE MBXt ravager violator team magic hudy XXXnt XXX nt ravager violator force .32 .21 .28 sp2 wheelie vid video 14 b4 rc10b4 rc10b44 b44 rc10t4 bashing racing xxx xxx4 xxx4 G+ xxxx4G+ maxamps apogee lipo limn 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s quark 125b quark 33a mamba side winder sidewinder maxx MM MMM mamba monster maxx e maxx e savage savage 18t 18b 18mt 18r rc18t rc18b rc18mt rc18r ft factory team ae associated racing losi kyosho buggy truck 1/10th 1/10 jumps jumping jump mgm compro feiago hacker bl brushless brush less brushed novak lrp ae goat sensored sphere trinity monster 27t 19t 15t 13t 12t wind comm. Neu nemesis xl l m s elite IB GP 3000 3300 4500 5000 mah 5000mah 33000mah 3000mah 42000mah 4500mah slash slayer pede rusty rustler stampede VXL velelion e muggy revo maxx savage eagle tree eagletree monitoring system micro losi mini t mini baja 1/36 dt desert truck wheelie vid video

Jammin CRT.5 First Start
Jammin CRT.5 First Start. It's been awhile and Finally got it started. I didn't do a full break-in yet but you should see that soon. For now back to the work bench. My clutch is giving me issues. It seems to be touching the fly wheel. Thanks for watching. Any questions or comments please leave them below.

Easy Nitro Engine Start
See More @ http://www.rccaraction.com Kevin Hetmanski shows you how to make starting your engine for the first time easier.

RC nitro Engine tuning theory - Vid 1 How to Tune Series
This video series is on how to tune your nitro engine. Want to check out my free online community and forum? http://forums.thetoyz.com All parts purchased from www.thetoyz.com Playlist link http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E64042B21077119E Vid 1 Tuning basics Vid 2 Stock needle settings Vid 3 Weather effects Vid 4 Fuel and glow plugs Vid 5 Shims Vid 6 reading engine temps Vid 7 Onsite HSN tuning Vid 8 Onsite LSN tuning Vid 9 Onsite Idle screw tuning Vid 10 running signs of rich, lean, and tuned Vid 11 Glow plugs 101 Vid 12 air leak detection Vid 13 sealing air leaks Vid 14 compression 101

HOW TO start a new engine, break in, rc model
ASP nitro engine break in(first start) during winter, and it works like a charm :)

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