First Tank of STS .28

Enjoy this First tank of Break in of this STS .28 Nitro engine, fitted in the Schumacher Swift. More videos coming soon, inc. Break in videos, Maiden & Bashing. MSN/Email:

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Disastrous Engine fitting experience - STS .28 in Schumacher Swift
Enjoy the video! I know for certain that I didn't enjoy fitting the engine. More videos coming soon to Website: Cheers

Tuning Low Speed Needles via Temperature Guns
It's just so easy. You don't have to worry about your engine overheating anymore, doing spit methods or touching engines to feel their temperatures and burning yourself. Simply use a Laser Temperature gun, to measure these temperatures for you. Check it out, a practical demo. More videos coming soon to Subscribe now for more RC action, how to tutorials, reviews and more. Email: MSN: Website: Remember also that you can add me on Facebook- Under

When ordering through Nitrotek is the Link to use when Checking out n Buying Parts or Models on the Nitrotek site. Thanks, more videos coming soon. Website:

Schumacher Swift RC Track -- Getting used to Nitro
As requested, here is the Schumacher Swift at the R/C Track. This Buggy is powered by the STS.28 Engine which has only had 3 tanks or so ran through it, hence why it's running very rich & Lacking some power at full throttle. Once it's tuned & set up properly I will take it back down the track and do some more Track driving with it. Enjoy this video, more videos coming soon to Check out the Website & if you have Questions or Feedback, is the place to send it Cheers