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GTA 4 - The biggest ramp in Gta 4!!!
this is the biggest ramp in gta 4!!!

GTA 4 - Loop Da Loop - Construct MOD
GTA 4 - Loop Da Loop - built using the Construct MOD

GTA SA - Roller Coaster Map 1/3 ways
This is a coaster map but this is only the 1st way. There are 3 different ways to go...

Slide Project [GTA IV/EFLC Object Mod, 1080p]
Slide Project By: Carrythxd. Video By: Carrythxd. Download: Text from GTA4-Mods: First thing is that you need Trainer to load this track and to use it. Use Ragdoll Option from Trainer to slide down the object map. Remember to disable Planes (Trainer: Options: Enable/Disable Planes) You can control your player with: W,A,S,D. There's a parkingspot for cars on the top of the object map. Yes, this is very hard to climb up on a slow car but on fast cars it's pretty easy :) If you wanna use this track with friends make sure that they have Simple Native Trainer and make sure that they know how to press M+Num 4 :D Enjoy! Music: From GTA TBoGT's Music Library