2013 5.0 Mustang vs 2004 Terminator Cobra

Two short runs. Cobra bogged second race. Cobra- Pulley, Exhaust, intake, throttle body, tune, NT05R's. 5.0-Intake, headers, off-road X pipe, Mickey T. Drag Radials, Boss intake manifold, tune

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Stock 5.0 vs terminator cobra
Stock 5.0 vs 600hp cobra

2011 GT vs 2012 GT vs 03 Cobra
I forgot to add that the blue gt has standard 3.31, and the red gt has the 3.73 option; the cobra has stock 3.55. All filming done in Mexico

'03 Cobra (Terminator) VS '12 GT (Coyote)
Fun Ford Weekend 2012 at Bandimere Speedway 5800 Ft elevation Modded 03 Cobra versus a bolt-on GT.

03-04 mustang cobra compilation [HD]
Badass. Races, Burnouts, Reving, Flybys, inside driving, donuts, cobra with a bov