mazda 323 turbo

mazda 323 199 whp motor turbo

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festiva gt 1.8L BP
festiva GT 1.8l bp wich a motor escort GT 100 whp

Mazda 323 Turbo
Mazda 323 turbo 10psi of Boost 14.8 @ 99mph

Mazda 323 Turbo
Бутала Wiseco, биели K1, гарнитура глава Cometic, шпилки ARP, разпределителни валове Cat Cams, ангренажни колела Cat Cams, лагери ACL, горивна помпа Aeromotive, горивна рейка Aeromotive, горивен клапан turbosmart, инжектори RC, уест гейт turbosmart, блоу офф turbosmart, интеркулер Spearco, окачване BC Racing, спирачки предни Compbrake, спирачки задни EBC Redstuff, седалки Cobra, колани Cobra, волан OMP Powered by HEED Auto

bf mazda 323 b6t turbo
b6t 288fwhp 20psi fully balanced and ground crank ACL race bearings ARP main bolts carrillo H beam rods wiseco forged pistons 40thou wiseco metal head gasket ARP head studs ported and polished head 3angle valve custom ground cam shafts custom cam gears gates timing belt bpt dizzy microtech LT10s ecu with X4 ignition 4x bosch coils EBoost2 Boost controler 560cc injectors bosch 044 fuel pump magnafuel 2port fuel regulator 5 gallon fuel cell Garrett gt2876r turbo turbosmart 48mm progate custom steam pipe manifold 3" Exhaust aluminum radiator and custom overflow tank hks blow off valve catch can 3" Intercooler stainless piping cork sport oil pump new water pump new timing pulley kit ceramic coated turbo housings, manifold, inlet manifold, fuel rail+ hard line. gear box has had a full rebuild with straight cut 3rd gear twin syncros